The Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) recruits a few candidates for the posts of Senior and Junior Engineers and for the other posts as well every year. It is a very tough competition and the candidates have to go through a series of tests to prove their worthiness for the post. The notification for the details of the RRB SSE examination has not yet been revealed. The examination may be conducted in the months of August to September in the year 2019. All the candidates are dearly waiting for the notifications to be announced. The candidates are required to apply for the examination before the official notifications are out.

The age limit and the vacancy and all these detailed criteria will be listed below. The Railway Recruitment Board has informed that there are approximately about 4304 vacancies in the Railway department. There are 21 zones where the selected candidates will be posted to in the end. All the vacant posts in all the 21 zones combined have resulted in the 4304 vacancies for the aspiring youngsters who have worked very hard to be qualified enough and be worthy enough to be selected in the posts.

The release date for the RRB SSE notification has been announced as 29th of December in the year 2018. The selection process is very difficult, and the candidate is required to go through two stages.

  • A computer-based examination
  • An interview.

The computer-based examination details will be disclosed by 29th of December in 2018 while the exam will mostly be conducted in the months of August and September. The candidates who will be able to clear the cut off released by the board will be called for a personal interview to check if the candidate possesses the required communication skill and the required knowledge for the post.

The post of the Senior Section Engineer is a well-reputed job which also pays well. The candidates will have to fight very hard to do their best to get selected for the post they wish for. The candidates will have to excel in the examination as well as in the interview to impress the authorities enough so that they get selected for the post. Engineers from all the posts are eligible for the examination. The candidates require to have completed a four-year B. tech course or a B.E. course to be eligible for the examination.

The age limit for the candidates is not very harsh to follow and anybody can be eligible for the RRB SSE examination. The minimum age for the candidate is twenty while the maximum will be thirty-four. The candidates will need to have a specific amount of technical knowledge and should have good control over their communication skills. If the authorities or interviewers are impressed enough by the performance of the candidate in the RRB SSE examination and are impressed by the performance of the candidate in the previous years of his or her education that is his or her performance in college, the candidate will be chosen for the post.

The candidates will need to apply for the RRB SSE examination before the notification is declared on the 29th of December 2018. The candidates will have to go to the individual official website of each zone to apply for the RRB SSE examination of that zone. In total there are about 21 zones and all the zones have a different mode or path from which the candidate needs to apply.

The last notification was declared on 27th June 2015 when there where around 110 posts available in the Railway. The Railway Recruitment Board usually does not back away from their declarations and has always posted what they need to when they have announced a date. The notification will have all the details one needs to give the RRB SSE examination and the candidates can then finally start their preparation properly. The candidates can look for the old structure and pattern and the syllabus to get a rough idea and can practice from those question papers till then.

The hard work of all the candidates will be shown in the examination and the interview and if one is not able to perform very well in this year’s examination, he or she will have to try again in the next year’s examination process. To know more about this exam, please click here RRB SSE.

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