The RRB SSE examination is a yearly competitive examination where the candidates compete to get selected for a post in the railways. The examination opens one door towards the following few posts.

  • The Senior Section Engineer
  • The Junior Engineer
  • And many more.

The candidates will need to prove that they are worthy enough for that particular post and that they will be able to control everything and perform their job well if they are given the chance. There are barely any coaching classes that prepare their students for the RRB SSE examination. The candidates mostly have to prepare for this by themselves and try their best with the number of resources they have to give their best.

The candidates will need to know the detailed syllabus first before knowing how to prepare for the RRB SSE examination and what resources they will need to gain the knowledge and practice that is required for answering the examination.

The question paper is divided into five sections.

  1. General ability
  2. General awareness
  3. General intelligence and reasoning
  4. Arithmetic and
  5. Technical general science

The candidates self-preparing for the post of Senior Section Engineer will require a number of books that should help them solve the questions that will be asked in the exam. To score good marks the candidates will require the right books that will not waste their time and will give them the correct amount of knowledge that is required. The candidates will have to learn the information in these books and will have to practice mock tests and many more questions that will give them the basic idea and the basic type of questions that re-asked in the RRB SSE examination. The candidates will have to study different books for different topics in the section. Almost every topic asked in the examination has an individual book that is required for a candidate appearing for the RRB SSE examination.

The books that are mentioned below will give detailed information about the topic and will also help the candidate prepare properly for the RRB SSE examination individually.

  • Traffic Apprentice Editorial Board by Pratiyogita Darpan
  • Arithmetic by R.S. Aggarwal
  • Quicker Reasoning Test by R.S. Aggarwal
  • Railway Recruitment Board Examination by Upkar Publication
  • Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal
  • English Grammar by Wren and Martin
  • RRB Technical Exam by Dr. Chandresh Aggarwal

Many past candidates suggest that they did not need any reference books for the examination for the RRB SSE. They suggest brushing up on the basic concepts and reading the newspaper daily. Some other books if required are also mentioned below. One can find these books in any library or bookstore near them. If not, then they can try these other books as well that are mentioned below.

  1. RRB: Senior Section Engineer (P.Way, Bridge, Works, Civil, Mechanical etc.) Centralized Recruitment Exam Guide- RPH Editorial Board
  2. RRB: Junior Engineer Centralised Recruitment Exam Guide- RPH Editorial Board
  3. RRB Junior – Senior Section Engineer Exam Electronics Engineering Practice Sets- Vidya Editorial Board
  4. RRB Junior Engineer and Senior Section Engineer (EEE) Exam Books 2017
  5. For Arithmetic: R S Agarwal
  6. For verbal and Non-Verbal: R S Agarwal
  7. For English: Wren and Martin
  8. For Technical Exams: Upkar Publication.

It will not make a big difference if one chooses to use these lists of books instead of the first list. These books will help the candidate prepare for the overall RRB SSE paper and the candidate can solve all the basic questions that were asked in the previous papers. While the books mentioned in the first list are all the books that give a detailed explanation and answer to every question. These books will explain the answer to the candidate and will also show how they concluded to that answer. These books are very helpful and will help all the candidates when they need to practice before the examination.

Reading yearbooks and newspapers will also help out the candidate in gaining knowledge about the general current affairs and the old general knowledge questions. The yearbooks dated up to 2015 will help the students learn and understand the present affairs. To know more about this exam, please click here RRB SSE.

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