The National Institute of Industrial Engineering is one of the most prominent business schools of India and has received recognition as such – the Ministry of Human Resource Development recognizes it as one of the top 15 Centres of Excellence in the country, the 2019 NIRF Government of India rankings placed it in the top 30 and the T.I.M.E.’s B-School ranking of 2019 gave it a position among the top 10 business schools of India.

Way back in 2007, there were even talks of officially changing the institute’s name to IIM, Mumbai. As is evident, NITIE is one of the premier business institutions in India that offers premium education; it has been maintaining a prestigious legacy of more than 50 years as it aids in shaping the minds of our leaders of tomorrow.

How does NITIE shape future industrialists?

NITIE offers a variety of diploma courses at the post-graduate level that deal with different levels and facets of industrial management:

  1. PGDIEPost Graduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering – this program wholly covers the management aspects that fall under the umbrella of ‘Industry’ (including Consultancy, IT, Fast-moving consumer goods, financial institutions as well as the telecom sector).
  2. PGDIMPost Graduate Diploma in Industrial Management – aimed at producing creative thinkers and visionary leaders of industry who will have the ability to both change as well as adapt to the whims and fancies of an industry.
  3. PGDMMPost Graduate Diploma in Manufacturing Management – often used synonymously with ‘industry’, manufacturing has a pivotal role in building and maintenance of a country’s economy. This program offers a holistic development of future visionaries who will play crucial roles in the growth & evolution of the manufacturing industry.
  4. PGPEX-VLFMPost Graduate Program for Executives for Visionary Leadership for Manufacturing – NITIE jointly conducts this program with IIT, Delhi to train individuals for mid-to-senior level management jobs in the manufacturing sector. It emphasizes thorough learning of the processes involved as well as the development of leadership qualities, effectively creating visionary leaders who will shape the future.
  5. Fellow Program – undoubtedly the most unique program on this list, it is a doctoral level fellowship program that is on par with a PhD of any other Indian university. The program might appear consultancy or research-oriented at first, but it does not overlook industry, integrating it seamlessly into this interdisciplinary course.

What does God have to do with NITIE

“God’s own campus” – a moniker bestowed on the NITIE campus, situated right at the heart of nature. The Vihar lake to the north of the campus radiates serenity as the Sanjay Gandhi National Park sprawls in behind it, a stern yet gentle guardian.

To the south lies the Powai lake, the city of Mumbai coming to life across & around it. But apparently two beautiful water bodies were not enough; the campus has its very own pond, located poetically between the two lakes. Students are not the only residents here; leopards, crocodiles and snakes are too.

Lastly, the thing that you least expect but are not unpleasantly surprised when you learn of it – their hostel is a skyscraper.

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