The National Institute of Industrial Engineering is one of the top-tier business schools of India and aims at providing an all-encompassing educational atmosphere as it shapes the leaders and the visionaries who, in turn, will be pivotal in determining the direction of our future.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development recognizes it as one of the top 15 Centres of Excellence in the country, the 2019 NIRF Government of India rankings placed it in the top 30 and the T.I.M.E.’s B-School ranking of 2019 gave it a position among the top 10 business schools of India.

There was even talk of changing the institute’s name to IIM, Mumbai in 2007. As is evident, NITIE is a premier business institution of India that offers the best education; it has been maintaining a prestigious legacy of more than 50 years as it aids in shaping the minds of our leaders of tomorrow.

NITIE: An Eye on the Horizon

NITIE maintains its vision of being dedicated to revolutionizing not only the manufacture sector but all other major industrial sectors that have a direct role in shaping and maintaining our country’s economy – to that end, NITIE provides several post graduate diploma programs that deal with different levels of industrial management.

  • PGDIE, PGDMM, PGDPM, PGDIM are some of its more prevalent courses – these courses convert their aspirants into dynamic individuals with exceptional leadership skills in all aspects of management.
  • PGPEX-VLFM is a program jointly conducted by NITIE with IIT, Delhi that focuses solely on the manufacturing sector.
  • NITIE also offers a Fellowship Course that is comparable to a standard PhD program in any Indian university, which focuses on the consultancy and academic aspect of management.

Premium infrastructure

NITIE has set certain standards, and to be able to maintain those standards, it offers high quality infrastructure that caters for the students’ needs.

A state-of-the-art library along with e-support, recreational centres for organization of a variety of business fests and socio-cultural events, an assortment of sports grounds and comfortable on-campus residences that not only expands the students’ socio-cultural boundaries but also helps in the development of group interactions.

A breath-taking campus: God’s own architecture?

Vihar lake to the north, holding back the lush greens of Sanjay Gandhi National Park radiates tranquillity like the sun radiates heat & light. The NITIE campus is cradled in the lap of the lake, with the Powai lake spreading out in the south, as the ever-waking city of Mumbai rises around it.

If one looks closely enough, it feels like the NITIE campus was chosen to serve as the middle ground between nature and mankind as they negotiate their territories. And as if to serve as the site of that very negotiation, situated at a central location within the campus is NITIE’s very own pond – Sarovar.

It is at the banks of this very pond that numerous students have claimed to be struck by ideas that otherwise seemed out of their reach. “God’s own campus” might not be such a bad moniker for the campus after all.

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