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Common admission test or CAT is the national level entrance exam for management aspirants and is carried out by the Indian Institute of Management on a rotational basis. The CAT 2020 exam will probably be conducted in various cities across India around the month of November.

Your CAT examination percentile will decide your opportunities in the management field and can even provide you with a scholarship to a premier institute like the IIMs. In fact, it opens the doors for candidates not only to be admitted to 20 IIMs but to more than 1,000 B-Schools around India, rendering it one of the most relevant exams for all management aspirants.

Recognizing that this examination is so crucial for students like you, the following article discusses some ways you can boost your CAT percentile.

CAT Preparation Plan

You can only crack a challenging examination like the CAT with a comprehensive and thorough preparation plan. Decide on some important details of your preparation. This includes selecting a coaching class, procuring your own study material if you go for self-studies, and accessing past papers and sample papers.

Commit to a certain number of study hours every day, as this will ensure you do not fall behind on the syllabus. Also, personalize the plan according to your own strengths, weaknesses, and individual productivity. This will ensure that you have a thorough strategy leading up to the exam and will enable you to be perfect with all concepts before you sit the main examination.

Mode of Preparation

  • The mode of preparation should be determined based on the level of preparation for the candidates and the amount of guidance required.
  • If self-study is selected, candidates must be attentive with respect to the current information, appropriate books, and content and handle their time accordingly. It also calls for a lot of self-discipline and hence, is not suitable for candidates prone to over-thinking and procrastination.
  • When preparation is accomplished with the aid of coaching, it is of utmost importance to choose the right institute.
  • Candidates can also choose to take online classes as a training resource. It is an advantageous option for working adults who cannot find time for daily courses.
  • Candidates can also go for a test series as it arms them with adequate practice material, while also allowing them the flexibility to attempt it at their own time.

Understand Concepts

The CAT is one of the toughest examinations, purely for the reason that its questions are not at all straightforward. They are mostly application based. So, do not waste time memorizing anything as it is really unnecessary.

Instead, watch video lectures, read good textbooks, and learn from instructors to understand the various applications and forms of a particular concept. You must be able to relate the concepts to the question you see and be able to apply it to solve the problem.

Practice to Perfect

Since the CAT is objective-based, it is strongly suggested to attempt as many questions as possible before the examination. Practice multiple-choice-questions as soon as you learn a particular topic. This will ensure that you have understood the concept.

Also, make use of topic-wise tests so that you will be able to gauge your level of preparation for a particular topic. In the end, attempt as many past papers and sample papers you can get your hands on.

These the best resources to practice as they are highly comprehensive and stimulate the actual examination. Also, it is important to mark yourself and time yourself. You must always aim to reach the correct answer in the shortest time possible.

You have to have a strategy in every study plan to evaluate yourself at timely intervals. It should help you to really advance and move closer to understanding all the concepts needed for the CAT. Timely monitoring of your own progress and restructuring your plans for future study sessions are a vital part of your CAT journey.

Minimum Correct Requirement

Less than one percent of CAT test-takers manage to achieve 99+ percentile in the exam on average. This means that out of more than two lakh test-takers, less than 2,000 candidates are able to score a 99 + percentile. In order to score a great CAT percentile, on average, you must ensure the following number of correct questions per section.

  • Quantitative Aptitude (QA)-minimum of 23 questions out of 34
  • Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR)-minimum of 22 questions out of 34
  • Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VRC)-minimum of 20 out of 34 questions

While taking mock tests and attempting past papers and sample papers time yourself and mark. This is a great way to practice so that you can reach the above-mentioned targets that will enable you to gain the best percentile possible. It will also boost your confidence and prevent any meltdowns during the examination.

Exam Room Stratagem

Calmness and time-management are essential to achieve a great percentile on the test day. Never commit longer than two minutes to a problem and carry on if it requires more than that much time. Bear in mind the CAT makes use of negative marking, which will adversely affect you if you attempt too many questions without any clarity.

First, attempt to solve the straightforward questions that will not only help you save time, but will also boost your confidence, in turn allowing you to move on to the trickier questions with a stable mind.

Throughout the CAT preparation journey, you need to ensure that your mind is stable and that you are able to cope with the whole ordeal of studying long hours and putting everything into your examination.

There will be a lot of points in your journey where you will not want to continue, but at such times you have to focus on the big picture. Practice, self-restraint, and resilience are essential qualities to every CAT aspirant.

There is no standard technique for being successful in the CAT examination. There are plenty of students who worked alone in their first attempt and cleared the CAT. Before making the decision to embark on this amazing journey, you must promise yourself to commit to it to the very end.

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