Vyapam still booms with ridicule in MPSI 2013

One of the hypnotic time of an underdog lies when he matches the answer with the modal key. After giving MPSI 2013, I checked for the key and found some blunder that forced me to skip applying for any future exams of vyapam and wasting 750 bucks.

For example, Which is the leading producer of Uranium

A. Canada

B. Russia

C. France

D. India

But news flash, where the heck is Kazakhstan. It superseded Canada years ago. Fine these guys might not be updated, acceptable. But the answer says it to be RUSSIA.. Russia, since how long they haven’t updated CA

Still, I’m gonna move on like nothing happened.

Another question came by with such a superficial answer that I have to start Anti-Vyapam campaign and literally, who so ever is on the expert team that publish these results must take a hike.. just take a hike people.

A lunar eclipse occurs when
The answer they gave was – The sun comes between earth and moon.

Do I need to emphasise something more.

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