Verbal Aptitude Quiz for CAT, XAT

Dear readers,

This quiz consists of questions from
various past actual papers. Leave your answers/ responses in the
comments section below and soon we’ll let you know the correct answers!

Directions for Question Nos. 1-6 Choose the
correct meaning of the following idioms.

1. If someone said, “You are the bomb!” she
or he probably would be telling you:

(a) You have a bad temper.

(b) You are a war weapon

(c) You are exceptional and/or wonderful.

(d) You are dangerous.

2. When someone is described as being
“flighty”, the person described is probably:

(a) Light.

(b) Indecisive and irresponsible.

(c) Someone who loves flying.

(d) Someone who flies kites.

3. What does “to take down the enemy” mean?

(a) To take the enemy’s pictures off the

(b) To kill the enemy.

c) To make friends with the enemy.

(d) To ignore the enemy.

4. What does, “Dime a dozen”mean?

(a) For one dime you get a dozen

(b) All dozens cost a dime

(c) Anything that is common and easy to

(d) It is difficult to get people

5. “Throw the baby out with the bath water”

(a) Clean out everything

(b) Throw out the good things with the

(c) Being Thorough

(d) Create the impression of an accident

6. “Bark up the wrong tree” means,

(a) Skin of another animal

(b) Behave like a dog

(c) Purposely make an error

(d) Make the wrong choice

7. I ________my bike yesterday, so my legs
are sore.

(a) road           (b) rode             (c) rhode                 (d) ride

8. Insulation was fitted to ___________
further heat loss from the building.

(a) guard          (b) protect          (c) save                (d) prevent

9. A __________rate of inflation makes
exports difficult.

(a) great             (b) high              (c) large                (d) tall

10. My boat has two ___________.

(a) sales             (b) sails               (c) sailes                  (d) sells