With the exponential evolution in technology, the world has witnessed two important trends in the professional landscape – the demand for tech-proficient professionals, and the need for a holistic educational training that develops a dynamic, trans-disciplinary approach. In an era of increasing specialisation, coupled with a rapidly-changing working environment, there is also a rising demand for industry-ready graduates with strategic thinking, interdisciplinary skills, in-depth domain knowledge and the managerial expertise to lead teams while aligning technology with organisational goals.

To help meet the demand for both tech-proficient engineers and industry-ready management graduates, SVKM’s NMIMS University offers a variety of engineering programs at its Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management & Engineering (MPSTME) at Mumbai and Shirpur campuses,and School of Technology Management & Engineering (STME) at Indore and Navi Mumbai campuses.

The NMIMS Advantage

With the goal of creating an integrated space for technology and management education, NMIMS has established a strong legacy at MPSTME and STME, with its pioneering programs, innovative pedagogy, experiential learning, and an extensive industry network. The learner-centered pedagogy takes an integrated approach where learning is always imparted in a relevant and practical manner.

NMIMS has also established robust linkages with internationally-renowned institutions, such as Virginia Tech and UNSW, to offer future-ready engineering courses and potential for further education abroad.

Ever since NMIMS launched MPSTME in 2006, followed by STME, the schools have emerged as leaders among E-Schools, for their high-quality course offerings. MPSTME has received over 40 global and national competitive business awards, including the 2nd Best Emerging College of this century in India by India Today Group MDRA Survey 2020, 4th Best Private Engineering College in The Week – Hansa Research 2020, and 8th top Engineering Colleges of Eminence by Competition Success Review (GHRDC) 2020. The programs at MPSTME and STME are AICTE-approved and they have led the field in ensuring quality standards, with MPSTME becoming the first E-School to get ABET accreditation in Western India, the acknowledged global standard for quality technical education.

MBA Tech – Integrated B.Tech + MBA Tech

MBA Tech is a five-year, dual-degree program that integrates B.Tech. and MBA, and empowers students to obtain proficiency in both engineering and management, without having to sit for further competitive examinations after completing their B.Tech. The engineering specialisations offered under this program include Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication, Mechanical, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, for B.Tech., and Marketing (Digital Analytics), Finance (FinTech Blockchain), Operations & Supply Chain, Business Intelligence & Analytics, and Strategy & Innovation, for MBA.

While a generic B.Tech. course equips students with in-depth domain knowledge, a specialised management degree helps leverage their technical knowledge and provide a competitive edge in today’s business environment. The MBA Tech program is, essentially designed to align their engineering specialisation with managerial expertise, preparing them for a global marketplace.

311 Coordinated Program with Virginia Tech

The 311 Coordinated Program allows students to pursue B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering (Data Science) at NMIMS, with an opportunity to pursue BS (Cybersecurity Management & Analytics) and MS (Business Administration with concentration in Business Analytics) from the Pamplin School of Business, Virginia Tech, USA. The new-age curriculum for the 311 Program has been developed in academic collaboration with Virginia Tech. Under this program, students spend the first 3 years at NMIMS, and have the option to spend Years 4 and 5 at Virginia Tech, USA.

This tie-up enables MPSTME to keep pace with the latest developments in STEM education, refine the curriculum with an eye on the global scenario, and ensure that its students receive assurance of learning outcomes, offering them a unique edge that sets them apart in a competitive, global job market.

B.Tech. in academic collaboration with Virginia Tech

MPSTME also offers a four-year undergraduate program in engineering, in academic collaboration with Virginia Tech, USA. Students can opt to pursue B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering (Artificial Intelligence), Data Science, or Computer Science & Engineering (Cyber security), with Virginia Tech faculty taking 7 of the courses. The structure and courses for these programmes are designed in consultation with Virginia Tech as well.

These programs are designed bearing in mind how the increasing role of technology has impacted engineering with higher demand for tech-based specialisation, and develop professionals with the requisite skills to meet global demand in the new age programmes.

Four-year B.Tech.

The four-year B.Tech. program at MPSTME and STME offers a range of specialisations for students to choose from. Aspirants can go for Computer Science & Business System (offered in partnership with TCS), Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science (Cyber Security), Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, Mechanical, Civil, Mechatronics, Information Technology, Computer, and Electronics & Telecommunication. NMIMS’s collaboration with IBM and Coursera have led to an offering of B.Tech. Honors program as well.

The structure and curriculum are robust and offer a lot of flexibility and choice in pursuing multidisciplinary interests. A semester-long major project, with the option of pursuing it in through industry or a foreign university, opens up a plethora of opportunities. The programs aim to equip students with professional and research capabilities, and help them gain expertise in various new-age domains that have emerged in recent years, and which will require capable, futuristic leaders to drive innovation and progress.

A Promising Career for Aspirants

Situated strategically in some of India’s key cities, MPSTME and STME enjoy the advantage of carefully-nurtured industry and alumni networks, ensuring that students get an opportunity to work on Capstone projects, get on-field training, and secure internships and placements in top firms across different sectors. Among the 150+ recruiters to visit MPSTME are leading global companies like Google, Microsoft, LG, Mahindra, HP, Nielsen, Accenture, E&Y, KPMG, Deloitte, and All Cargo. According to the research firm, Nielsen, “MBA Tech students of MPSTME have both technical abilities and market awareness. The students are fit for futuristic roles which include complexities of technology and marketing.”.

With their pioneering programs that stress on holistic development, NMIMS’ MPSTME and STME offer aspiring engineers a world-class education and in-depth domain expertise. By integrating engineering with management, fortifying it with international collaborations, and offering specializations in emerging domains, the schools have emerged as leading engineering institutions that offer students state-of-the-art facilities and employment opportunities with top global firms.

To jump start your career in engineering, apply at https://engineering.nmims.edu/.

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