TISSNET 2017: M.A in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations

The MA in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations (HRM & LR) is the most sought after course offered at Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS). The total number of candidates who appear for TISSNET is 37,000. Out of these, about 17,000 apply for HRM & LR course.

PaGaLGuY spoke to a student of TISS, Rushikesh Kulkarni to know his experience. Rushikesh is currently pursuing his M.A. in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations (HRM & LR)(2016-18), Mumbai. Rushikesh got 78 in TISSNET and was rank 2 in merit list for his course.

1)      Could you tell us about yourself and why did you choose HM&LR?

My name is Rushikesh Kulkarni. I was born in Mumbai. I run a small travel outfit named Breakfree Journeys.

I chose to do the HRM&LR course offered at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai primarily because the focus is more on practical learning through fieldwork (common for almost all courses) spread across various industries in every semester along with rigorous classroom training. I think this is very important for students as it prepares us better to handle the difference in theory and reality. Aspirants must bear in mind that TISS is not a conventional B-School.

2)      How did you prepare for Pre-Interview Test? (Did you have GD?)

In 2016, GD was reintroduced along with a short essay on the same topic as the GD. The essence of any GD is to evolve arguments for and against a particular idea or expand a thought further. To be able to effectively discuss any topic allotted to you randomly requires wide reading, understanding and the ability to recall and articulate your knowledge at that time.

Therefore, I read up on current issues and tried to think for myself the other possible dimensions. I also paid close attention to the way speakers on TV debates conducted themselves in a group (those where civil arguments still take place!).

This made me conscious in practising listening and then responding while in a group. This is vital as most of the times, GDs either get reduced to a few monologues or a fish market-like scenario. Effective, healthy discussions should be the key and this can be practiced with a group of dedicated friends/co-aspirants.

3)      Any tips about appearing for the TISS interview? (Anecdotes and personal experiences would be great)

I prepared for this section very well. I began by evaluating my choice and the reasons behind it. Once I was clear why I wanted to join TISS and pursue this particular course, I noted them down and began pondering over the possible questions that could stem from my reasons.

In addition to this, I read up on the basic leadership and motivation theories from elementary psychology books. I also looked up some of the issues relevant to the course syllabus such as labour law amendments, workplace safety, the Vishakha guidelines, etc.

PaGaLGuY wishes all TISS aspirants all the best!