Tips That Will Help You sail through the MBA Internship Recruiting Season

The summer internships during one’s MBA degree is undoubtedly the most crucial part of the two-year programme. Not only does it provide the students with the opportunity to utilise and test their academic learnings into the real world of business management, but it also gives one the exposure and experience to work on projects for big companies. Equally instrumental is the chance to convert the internship into potential full-time employment. Unsurprisingly, the high stakes involved make it essential to bag the right internship that will kick-start and direct your management career. Since the recruitments for the next batch of internships have begun at many B-schools in India. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind while you apply for your MBA summer internships:

1. Research about the company 

Needless to say, one has been well-versed with the company one is applying for, in terms of the various projects, work culture, vision, prospects for growth, etc. If the company, no matter the reputation, does not align with the career trajectory that you aspire towards, it is better to look for one that does. Try to choose a company where you would like to convert your internship into full-time employment. The summer internship is too consequential to be taken lightly.

2. Be thorough with your resume. 

Whichever company you’re applying for needs to know the specific skill-set that you’re going to bring to the table and if that’s what they require. The resume needs to communicate your interests, expertise, areas you would like to learn about, and career goals. The resume is your very first impression that decides whether the employer should take any interest in you or not. 

3. Know about the role and work 

This may seem similar to the first point, but it isn’t. It cannot be stressed enough that you must be thoroughly researched about the kind of role and work you would be required to do. Don’t apply for/accept a role for the sake of finishing the internship assignment. Choose something where you can utilise, showcase and hone your skills as much as you can enhance your learnings in the direction of your desired career path. 

4. Prepare the basic hygiene questions. 

Although this goes without saying, many times, students may be so caught up with curriculum requirements that they might not practise the basic hygiene questions well enough and feel at a loss when a company calls them for an interview off guard. Your strengths and weaknesses, short term and long term goals, aspirations, etc., are some of the things that must be on your tips at all times while hunting for your dream summer internship.

5. Know the market

Before zeroing in on your 2-month long investment, try to get a grip of the prospective growth and scope that that market offers. This is more of a consideration about the career path one chooses to traverse. Still, as a consequence of that, it becomes equally essential to consider while choosing the right internship as both these things are closely intertwined.

In conclusion, happy interning!

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