The future of HR Industry after Lockdown: Here is the Answer

The HR industry forms the core of prominent organisations and companies. The key role of the HR department is to bring other efficient workers on board and help refine the structure of an organisation.

However, the lockdown has lent a severe blow to major businesses and companies, pushing them towards work from home practices. With a sudden shift in the working environment, regular jobs have been redefined as well.

The importance of HR Team

Earlier, an HR employee made sure that eminent workers join the task force, payments to be scheduled on the required time, transportation of employees was made feasible, and much more. However, amidst a global pandemic, the industries have witnessed re-shaped business models and a shift in the regular work environment. Thus, the roles of an HR employee are filtered, and new ones are added to their responsibility.

The corporate armies work well through the assistance of their HR professionals. The pandemic is at its peak, but a regular office-work environment is at its verge to come into the light again. However, the procedure is filled with tons of hurdles. The corporate industry in India is slowly allowing itself to get re-established so that things could get back to normal.

Multiple companies who fired hundreds of employees after the tragic pandemic situation are now opening employment lanes for proficient professionals in the country. The decision of salary-cut was also highlighted. However, companies are working on a better strategy to reverse their decisions.

The future for HR Professionals

Due to these factors, professionals are working on essential sales, revenues, businesses, and much more. As a result, there is a major shift in the responsibilities of an HR employee, making it critical than before. The HR professionals have worked well to maintain a smooth workflow of employees throughout the work from home practice.

This was carried out with the assistance of required policies, better learning opportunities, vulnerable communication systems, possible financial assistance, and much more. Since regular businesses have faced slow sales and growth, their re-establishment will require major support from HR professionals.

Here is a curated list of responsibilities on which an HR professional can focus.

  1. Segregation between work from home and work from office responsibilities

With the global risk of the life-threatening pandemic, it is essential not the push every employee to join the in-office work practice. Segregation between the tasks which can be effectively carried out from home and the task which requires an in-office presence of the employee must be sketched. Hence, work from home practices must be considered a part of corporate life. Working policies must be revamped, keeping in mind only the essential aspects.

  1. A safe working environment for the regular in-office employees

The work area must be regularly sanitized, and social distancing norms must be maintained. Moreover, the HR must make sure that efficient testing methodologies at the entrance and the exit must be carried out regularly. Also, air purifiers can be installed as well. The regular meeting rooms, as well as the workspaces, must eliminate the unnecessary presence of people. Only the required employees must be present in the office zone.

  1. Polishing the skills of employees for further challenges

The key challenge in switching back to the regular in-office zone is to analyse and work upon better strategies. This ensures that the business covers the major losses and gains sales. The skills of the employees must be polished, and better and modern methodologies must be conveyed. This ensures that the company is ready to face the coming up challenges since the employees have the required skill set as a competitive advantage.

  1. Transparency and empathetic communication system in the organisation or the company

Salary cut and sudden removal of employees were highlights. As a result, it is essential to maintain transparency between leaders and employees in the workforce. An empathetic communication system about the decisions taken, recovery policies, etc. must be carried out. This enables an organisation or company to become employee-centric from the core.

  1. A strong recruitment policy for further selection

Numerous people are in need of finding a prominent job. However, skilled employees must be hired so that the business structure regains its strength. Hence, better strategies must be drawn to give work to the people in need and hire skilled people. However, once the hiring is confirmed, the new employees mustn’t be burdened by sudden workload and other opportunistic employees.

  1. Key focus on the health of the employees

The mental and physical health of an employee must be the key focus areas. Organisations must implement medical assistance policies for their workers. Also, employees must not be allowed to work for additional hours because it may hinder his physical health. Thus, getting more prone to the virus. Medical assistance insurances or funds will cover the healthcare needs of the employee and his family.

  1. Building better-organized strategies for work

Advance and proficient work organisation policies must be developed. Restricting ways of working around the costs and maximum business advantage must be done. Re-channelizing the funds and investments to maintain a sustainable business capability is also vital.

Moreover, to handle the health crisis and other related aspects like emotional resilience, ambiguity, uncertainty, etc. a prominent plan must be sketched. This will help in maintaining steady growth graphs of the company.

The success of the corporate world lies in the hand of the HR industry. Therefore, an HR employee must be well-equipped with strategies and plans for a smooth workflow. Practical approaches keeping in mind the wellness of the employees as well as the growth of the stagnating business must be developed. The HR employees motivate, align, and develop a better working environment at home or the office front.

The transparency, authenticity, as well as fair pay, are the major aspects to work upon. This will, in turn, allow employees to remain loyal and dedicated to the company. Moreover, the structure of the HR must be strengthened, keeping in mind the overall well-being of the employees amidst a global pandemic.

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Source: India Today