The reason I chose Jindal Global Business School in 2018 over MDI Gurgaon and NMIMS Mumbai in 2012

I am a 2nd year student at Jindal Global Business School (JGBS). I have 6.5 years of work experience in IT and Consulting industries- Accenture (4.2), Crowe (2), Ernst & Young (0.3) and I worked for my own start-up for another 1.5 years before my MBA. In 2011-12 session, while working at Accenture, me and my friends appeared in all competitive MBA examinations. My scores were:

CAT 2012: 97.51

XAT 2011-12: 91

NMAT 2011-12: 99.25

My friends had similar scores as well. The GD/PI calls I got were from institutions like IIM Ranchi, Udaipur, Raipur, Trichy, Kashipur, MDI Gurgaon, NITIE Mumbai, NMIMS Mumbai and XLRI-HR. My converts were: MDI Gurgaon and NMIMS Mumbai

However, I did not take an admission in any of these institutes because firstly, I wanted to study in a truly global environment that could help in securing a more international career for myself. Secondly, my one-year work experience was not enough to pursue an MBA in my own opinion. My Sister who was doing her MBA from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University at the time had 5 years work ex before going for her MBA. She too had an admission offer from a prestigious institute in Gurgaon, but with lesser experience she chose to give it a pass for a more global MBA.

After a few years and post gathering enough work experience I again set my mind upon pursuing my long-standing dream of an MBA degree. I had already worked with a few companies and was at a managerial level. Since, I wasn’t interested in pursuing my higher education abroad due to family constraints, I began my search for an ideal B-school in India that could give me the most global education I sought at this point in my career. After skimming through internet for quite some time, I zeroed in on ISB and JGBS since they were providing with an international level MBA degree. Upon a more in-depth research, I realised that the faculty at JGBS was par excellent. The intellectual capital and the interdisciplinary environment that this school provided exceeded all other existing B-schools. My GMAT score (650) was also enough for an admission and coupled with my experience (requirement may have been higher as a fresher), I went through the process and was admitted to their MBA programme. ISB didn’t give me a call because I am a GEM and 650 GMAT may not have been enough for that profile at ISB. I didn’t care much either because I knew I would make the best of my 2 years if only I had the basic things I wanted: international exposure, faculty and post MBA possibilities.

The school has lived up to and has even exceeded my expectations. It has helped me with the career trajectory I have set myself up for. I have had multiple formal and informal meetings with the Vice Chancellor of the University and the Dean of my school (there is an open door policy for students and that is the level to which school authorities go in their level of interaction with students). They have counselled me on best possible future career paths and how they and the school can help me achieve that. I have attended multiple international symposiums, seminars and roundtables with the who’s who of the global business world in attendance. I volunteered for UN’s MGIEP Conference on Kindness to look after the managerial aspects of the event last August. Similarly, I interned with the University’s International Institute for Higher Education Research and Capacity Building in summer. Post the internship one of the Professor’s at the institute asked me if I was up for an exciting Start-up opportunity his friend had in Hyderabad. I could not say yes but I was happy to know he as a senior faculty saw a business driver in me.

There are many people including friends and family who have always wondered why I didn’t join an MDI Gurgaon then and why I chose JGBS now at a later stage in my career. I hope I have answered their questions now.

I can be contacted at [email protected] if any aspirant wants to connect with me to know about JGBS.

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-Pavas Pandey