The PCTE Advantage MBA program:For 2014 Applications

Dr. K N S Kang, (Director General, PCTE) talks about some of the critical success factors of the institute and how he is developing some of key internal systems for candidates who are looking at a good institute to pursue their MBA dream in 2014.

On helping candidates who plan to realize their entrepreneurial dream right after the graduation:

Our Post Graduate Course in Managment helps student realize his/her potential. In addition we always stress on hands on learning for entrepreneurial dream seekers, thus we have constituted an Entrepreneurship Cell at campus. Mostly know as E-Cell, its provides all the required guidance and extended help to students for their entrepreneurial venture like Loans, Business Plans, Expert Advice etc.

On what the institute is exactly looking in an applicant this year:

We look for street smart people. Any applicant with a vision to be a successful professional is most welcomed to campus. Business in modern times is all about innovation. We admire applicants who posses such qualities.

On having partnerships with international Universities and accreditation from foreign bodies and its impact in the classroom:

The presence of people from various countries in campus brings in a lot of cultural and professional learning. Today in the era of globalization, it becomes significant to know about global trends and keep yourself updated. In addition Collaborations with foreign Universities result in various exchange programs during which students and faculty members participate and explore much important learning.

On foreseeing the upcoming placement season this year, given turbulent times in the Industry

We have already got more than 75 companies on campus for student recruitment this season. With the average package of Rs. 4.5 Lakh offered to students, we provide 100% ROI to MBA/PGDM aspirants. The demand of trained young professionals is increasing day by day in Industry. Also considering “Z” generation to contribute towards the significant part of workforce in future, I seek the companies to visit more in reputed campuses for potential candidates.

On bringing more overseas faculties in the pursuit to make PCTE one of the country’s top institutes:

Yes, we will. Infact we already got full course faculty members from UK, Russia and Romania. Apart from this, we get exchange faculty members from France and Lithuania. Our efforts are to bring in more and more International visiting faculty members from reputed foreign Universities. The idea is to flow in lot of International expertise and perspective in the class.

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