CAT 2013 Discrepancy – Mass Petition

Most of you are aware of the ongoing legal battle with the IIMs in relation to the discrepancy in CAT 2013 results. Petitions were filed at five different high courts till date for which the responses of the respective Honorable High Courts are given below:

The Calcutta High Court has asked the IIMs to provide raw scores, answer sheets and also explain the normalisation process to those who have petitioned where as the Madras High Court ordered that eight seats be reserved for each of the petitioners in any of the 13 IIMs pending final disposal of the writ petition filed. Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court has sent the notice to IIM Indore, MHRD and Prometric seeking the clarification on score discrepancies while the Indore High Court ordered the IIMs & Prometric to explain raw scores of CAT 2013 and normalization process adopted for evaluating the same for awarding percentile within a month time. It also stated that the final admissions to IIMs are subject to the outcome of this writ petition.

Now the big question: Why are we going for mass petition & why do you need to contribute Rs 1800 for the same??

It is evident from the Madras & Kolkata courts’ orders that they are giving orders in favor of the petitioners. Also, we cannot predict the outcome of the case if the final judgment comes in our favor. It can be re-evaluation for all, may be a re-exam or may be a re-evaluation for the petitioners alone or something else. We never know. Hence, we decided to go with a mass petition. Initially the lawyer demanded Rs 5000 per head but thanks to the sincere efforts of few, the amount has come down to Rs 1800 per head. We are not asking you to contribute for some social cause, but for yourself.

So, all those people who are not satisfied with your CAT 2013 result vis-à-vis your performance & believe that there is some discrepancy this time around, pl do let us know if you want your name to be included in the mass petition. Pl join our FB group immediately to know about the detailed process for the same. We will be taking the entries for mass petition till Friday.

Here is the FB link:

PS: I’m not of the opinion that whoever scored well in CAT’13 do not deserve such scores. Nor am I of the opinion that all those who scored less are really the deserving candidates to get high percentiles. You can only be sure of yourself. Our fight is neither against the ones who scored high nor even against the IIMs or Prometric. With due respect to all, we are fighting only for the transparency in the system. Nothing else ?