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Studying MBA has managed to gain a lot of popularity over the years. However, in the presence of varied MBA institutes spread over different cities, we must understand the reality of doing an MBA in this country. On that note, this article aims to bust some myths about the MBA course structure and informs students about this popular management course in India.  Our country is full of scholars, as we harbor some of the most meticulous and hardworking people worldwide. As students, we expect to achieve the best and the highest achievements in life. Hence, management courses have become essential to enhance the overall professional success of aspirants. Given the course’s popularity and demand, we will talk about some common myths associated with doing an MBA.


Myth #1: MBA Is only an Academic Pursuit

While completing an MBA demands some research and modern assessment of one’s skills, peer learning, through discussions and debates with classmates, acts as a major contributor to the overall learning of a student.  The courses at K J Somaiya Institute of Management are designed to enable students to attain holistic development. These courses are supported by a dynamic spread of co- curricular activities adding to the intellectual value of a student.   

Myth #2: The Location Doesn’t Matter

The MBA course will occupy some of the most valuable years of your life. Hence, students need to choose an academically superior and comfortable environment. Thus, the location of the institute, from which you decide to pursue an MBA course, has a significant impact on the academic life of a student. It also helps to build professional relations during your program, which is only possible if you choose an institute with the best connections in the country. At K J Somaiya Institute of Management, students can build long-lasting relationships with their faculty and peers, which provides significant help in their future careers.

Myth #3: There Are Limited Fields of Study in an MBA

One of the most common myths associated with an MBA is that students are limited to a few course options, such as HR, Finance, and Marketing. However, that is far from the truth. MBA as an educational programme has evolved and witnessed a lot of flexibility over the years. Business schools all over the country offer many business courses for students who want to enter management.  For instance, K J Somaiya Institute of Management is a leading example of an educational institution that provides a wide range of study options with courses such as an MBA in Sports Management and an MBA in Healthcare Management. The institute also offers a variety of minors to choose from, like Data Science, Strategy, Consulting, and many more. These programmes will help students get optimum management experience directed towards superior learning and accelerated career growth.   

Myth #4: Decrease in Demand for MBA Professionals

Whether it is healthcare, sports, business, or the Digital space, the demand for proficient managers are constantly increasing. Subject matter experts for various fields of management are sought after by world-leading companies to take charge of their business operations, thus ensuring a successful career for them. Hence, it is more than necessary for students to choose an institute that provides a management outlook with their MBA courses and prepares them for a remarkable career ahead.  These modules are where MBA institutes like K J Somaiya Institute of Management come into action with their on-demand MBA programmes. These courses ensure that students develop a portfolio of versatile qualities, such as analytical thinking, leadership, strategic thinking, etc., for success in their respective careers.

Myth #5: Orthodox Study Patterns of B-Schools in India

Another widespread myth surrounding the MBA space is that business schools in India still need to follow a more attractive and traditional approach to education. But that is not the truth. Indian institutions have undergone a drastic change in adapting new and modern educational methods for MBA aspirants. Incorporating innovative ideas and experiential and practical learning methods into their education systems, these business schools have changed how students perceive management programs.

We can also witness the overall growth of the research culture in the new MBA programmes installed at K J Somaiya Institute of Management. These educational programmes ensure that students are academically superior and can gain insights into the present professional market. Apart from that, there are live project opportunities in these programmes to give the students new details about the current market scenario in the best way.


K J Somaiya Institute of Management is a leading center of education that offers a wide range of management programmes for MBA aspirants in India. Taking education to a new standard, this institution carries an air of professionalism and creates the best leaders and managers that will change the face of the business industry.

Start your journey towards excellence, admissions are open for MBA (With Major and Minor), MBA in Healthcare Management and MBA in Sports Management for the batch 2023-25.

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