The Mission of the Old and New MBA for Students

MBAs swagger through the journos’ previous lives. Commonly, they aim at altering the world instead of being reinforcement on altering the economy and the IIM kinds boast of this thing even when the only altering agent happened to a stuffed envelope that was slid to the License Raj’s applicable Lord.

Still, they were needed to admit that their skills for marketing happened to be a big deal during a time when the only choice of consumers’ in products and services was to take or leave them.

The higher was the twice that was born who had successfully passed out of IIT and IIM. They happened to be the topmost dog besides the tail as other WAGs will be vouching for.

The MBAs swaggered more at a time when foreign banks formed the initial “high wage island” right in the sluggish sea of ESIS and DA or TA in the old economy. Further, liberalization upped their map of the market because headhunters jumped into the ancestral jungle that the business of India continued to have.

The MBA got overthrown by the ‘Done and the ’21 techies. They preferred to wear tees and shorts overthrowing the stuffed shirts and in real, e-masculated them.

Today, a fresh MBA rose from the locked-down economy’s ashes, and “Mission Begin Again” of Maharashtra is the CM’s method of telling the Prime Minister that he isn’t only the MCP or Master of the Catchy Phrase.

Hence, this week, every person is beating a personal path for the relaxation of doing business. The pre-pandemic slogan of Mr. Mo is similar to its ilk, which is spelled as “slowgan.”

Now the question arises as is it possible for the old MBA to become reskilled for preventing the fresh MBA from turning Mission Impossible. Actually, their knowledge in planning the once-feared “exit policy” would become handy while attempting to depart the lockdown and lessen what has been already organized as “re-entry anxiety.”

However, other specializations of IIM would aid when the WFH would stagger to WFO again. Endorsing the new normal would become a challenge and HR dexterity will be able to ensure the compliance of MSS.

Nonetheless, in this matter, there is a disadvantage of this mandatory trio too as a person cannot expose the rascal employee. As physical distancing has a chance of sacking the romance of the office, a kind of compensation will be proposed for the lost perquisite of scandalous gossip.

The sanitizing reports won’t become legit only but become a must-do in all the KRAs of the managers.

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Source: The Times of India