The LAN room in the Old Hostel is packed with members of the Design Team. The room is strewn with bits and pieces of paper which tend to spell I-N-T-A-G-L-I-O either partially or fully. In the mess, a heated discussion is on about strategies for the upcoming games. In the New Hostel Quad, the infrastructure team is deep in discussion. In the New Teaching Block, the core team is debating how to go about ensuring ISO certification. Student rooms are hubs for various teams all contributing towards one big goal……INTAGLIO……and guess what time of day it is…..3 am. That’s right, it’s almost as if no one wants to sleep here and that’s why IIMC is dubbed as the campus “Where the sun never sets! “.

The Design team is totally engrossed with preparing posters, information kits and of course updating the website. Take a look at and you will appreciate the excellent work they are doing.

Alongside, the Infrastructure team is busy as a beaver organizing seating arrangements, signposts to guide visitors, lighting arrangements, accommodation, food and beverages, transportation, speaker systems, seminar presentation gear and the list goes on. This team provides a stable platform for the whole event to operate on and a combination of indomitable enthusiasm, insanely few hours of sleep and wonderful camaraderie enables them to do an admirable job.

Intaglio is but a massive “event” and the Events Team is focussing on organizing the schedule of events. Countless man-hours are being invested to ensure silk-smooth sequencing of events. The team is also working towards ensuring that every event is conducted to the total satisfaction of all participants.

The Sponsorship, Media and Public Relations and Contacts teams provide the interface between Intaglio and the outside world. The excellent efforts of the Sponsorship Team have attracted prominent sponsors such as The Times Group, Tata Consultancy Services, UBS, McKinsey & Company, and Bank of America among many others. Currently, the sponsorship team is liaising with the sponsor companies and keeping them informed of progress within Intaglio.

The Contacts Team are playing their part by forging relationships with some of the best management institutes both within India and also overseas. Thanks to their efforts, American heavyweights such as Harvard, Wharton, Kellogg, Dartmouth‘s Tuck School of Business and leading Asia-Pacific business schools such as the University of Melbourne Business School, Asian Institute of Management, Asian Institute of Technology, National University of Singapore and the other Indian Institutes of Management will grace Intaglio with their presence.

Finally, the Media and Public Relations Team is working hard at bringing Intaglio to the world. So watch out for lots more Intaglio on television, newspapers and magazines!

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