“The Ideal MBA candidate” By FIIB

There is no such thing as a typical management degree course (MBA/PGDM/PGPM). Candidates come to Delhi to join top MBA/Business Schools, from across the countries with wide ranging academic backgrounds, seeking managerial and-leader positions in their future career-path. The students from Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB) are not only pursuing future in management, but they are also determined and motivated individuals. FIIB aims to equip students with Innovative Employability Skills with Dominant Curriculum. While selecting the students for Post Graduate Diploma in Management program (Approved by AICTE) which is equivalent to MBA by AIU, FIIB expects the following:

Academic Ability : For the PGDM course, we assess candidates basis of academic strength, with a degree from an accredited university or institute, with dense knowledge base that they can build during their MBA program. Alongwith their Undergraduate degree, the aspirants should have good CAT/XAT/GMAT/MAT/CMAT score.

Personal Drive : We expect self-motivated candidates who aim to work hard towards the fulfillment of their goals. We believe this is a far stronger incentive than the potential career opportunities.

Confidence : FIIB evaluates the applicants on his/her ability to success. To shaping the future and achieving employability skills confidence is an important characteristic.

Leadership : The candidate should demonstrate leadership skills. Leadership skills are evident through curricular, extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, academic achievements and community commitments.

International Outlook : The candidate must have the vision for international goals. FIIB students are globally minded with the ability to adapt to different cultures from all over the world to work together with people of different backgrounds.

Excellent Communication Skills : Management students should have an ability to listen and communicate well. This is the need of the hour to survive in the industry.

Team Player: The candidate must have desire to lead as well as be able to collaborate within a team.

Strong Values : The applicant should have desire to have business ethical values and willingness to contribute to society. FIIB looks for students who exhibit the highest ethical standards and respect for others, and can make positive contributions to the PGDM program and the institute.

Analytical Aptitude and Appetite : FIIB seeks students who can assess, analyze, and act upon complex information within often-ambiguous contexts.

Innovation : We look for innovators to be a part of our PGDM program, which can help the candidates in their Entrepreneurial or intra-preneurial ventures throughout their career path.We aim for FIIB students to be informed and responsible global citizens with the vision, drive, and practical experience to make significant contributions to their organizations. The holistic development of a candidate is important to our institute. The meritorious students are also offered scholarships as a reward of their achievements.For achieving our Vision to be a Leading Business School, Globally Recognized for Excellence in Management Education, FIIB seeks applicants with exceptional intellectual abilities and the drive and determination to put their impression on the Industry. We welcome Candidates who are self-determined, realistic, and creative.