GD/PI | Are You Innovative? Is This Room Innovative?

XLRI BM interview experience

Centre- XLRI slot- 1.45pm date- 4/03/2017

XAT score- 99.53 Gk score- 43.xx

Gd topic– Innovation is the best insurance against irrelevance.

Gd was nice. Everyone spoke. We had already decide to maintain decorum and to come up worth criteria before putting forward any argument. Spoke for 7-8 times

Pi experience (30 mins approx.)


P- How was the gd?

P- How are your parameters for innovation? Which is the most innovative country according to you? Is India innovative? Was demonetisation innovative?

Talked about this for 7-8 mins

P- Why are the Scandinavian countries so ahead of us in terms of innovation and why is there little or no poverty?

Gave my views

P- Are smart classes innovative? Are you innovative? Is xlri innovative? Is this room innovative?


P- I am from marketing, so can you state a few innovations from this area?

Talked about the Pepsi blind test marketing and Patanjali’s marketing strategy

P- You know Indira nooyi?


P- She is from PepsiCo.  What innovation do you think Pepsi has made in recent times?

Told about reducing the portion sizes.

P- You did you join engineering right after 12? Why not wait a year and prepare better?

Told my views.

P- You think you had put enough hard work into it?

Told about my passion in social work and how I had discovered that during my graduation and how I didn’t neglect my engineering and tried to complete my course the best I could

P- Sin^ -1 = t , what is tan ^-1 x


P-Why are you nervous? This is okay?

Sir it has been long since I solved a trigonometric problem

P- You are an engineer, aren’t you? Which department?


P- What are your other favourite maths area?

Sir TSD and numbers

P- Do you know what are prime numbers?


P- What is the formulae for them?

Couldn’t recall

P- Gave me that ball bouncing GP problem and asked me how I would solve the distance covered and the number of drops

Told about distance. For the number of drops I started counting, then I realised that as I had taken an infinite gp, the number of drops would theoretically be infinite. Told that

P- Why did you started counting then?

Poker face.

P- So you work for an NGO, what do you do?

Told about my work in details

P- So is there anything you would like to talk which we have missed?

Sir I am big fan of football

P- Favourite club?


P- Now I would ask you about Indian players

Okay sir

P- Captain of India


P- If he is not playing, then?


Okay then we are done.

P- So you have written in you form about LGBT issues, what made you work toward that?

Had a discussion of about 7-8 minutes.

Okay. It was nice talking to you. Have a toffee


Cat 15-92.18, Cat 16-99.56, , XAT 2017-99.53