The Best 10 Online Aeronautics and Aviation Bachelor’s Degrees to Help Your New Career

In simple terms, aeronautics and aviation are the science behind how to make things fly. People working in these industries are behind the latest developments in new aeroplanes being built, and technological advances but studying aeronautics and aviation can lead to a very varied career. Graduates have found employment in airline and airport management, security and freight and cargo management, as well as on the engineering side of research and science.

Why Choose an Online Degree?

Not everyone wants to or can study on campus. Online studying is becoming ever more popular and the main reason for this is the flexibility that it gives to students.

Not all students can afford to study full time and many people need to work to be able to afford to live while studying. An online degree allows for this to happen as students can plan their studies around their other commitments.

Other people want to change careers but cannot afford to give up their stable income. Studying for a degree in their spare time lets them work towards the career they want whilst maintaining the income they need.

If you have been thinking about a career in aeronautics or aviation but need to keep working, or you just think online studying would suit you best, check out these Top 10 aeronautics and aviation degrees.



Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautics

Study from anywhere in the world to receive a fully-accredited degree. The core modules include aviation legislation, statistics with aviation applications, aviation safety and aerodynamics, and students can choose from a range of electives depending on where they wish to take their career. The option to transition to a Masters programme is also available.

Florida Institute of Technology – Bachelors’ Degree in Aviation

This Institute is one of only six universities that is designated as a partner in the Federal Aviation Administration’s Centre of Excellence Partnership to Enhance General Aviation Safety, Accessibility and Sustainability. This should be enough to let potential students know that if they enrol in this online degree, they will be receiving high-class tuition. From Airport design to transportation management, students will graduate with a wealth of skills.

Hampton University – Bachelors’ Degree in Aviation Management (Airport Administration)

If the running of an airport is your thing and you dream of a career in this field then the online degree through Hampton University is definitely one to consider. The modules include topics such as airport finance, airport design, airline operations and organizational behaviour.

Liberty University – Bachelors’ Degree in Aviation

Liberty University is the largest non-profit Christian university in the world and offers an online Bachelors’ Degree in Aviation for anyone looking to change careers or just thinking about their career options. Modules to be studied include aeroplane aerodynamics, aviation safety and aviation human factors. Five elective modules are also available so that students can tailor their studies to suit what they want to do once they graduate.

Lynn University – Bachelors’ Degree in Aviation Management

Lynn University is another university that offers people the chance to obtain an online degree and build a career in aviation management. Whilst the degree is based online, the university offers internships to those who can undertake these and several electives can be chosen from where students can achieve real-world experience.

Everglades University – Bachelors’ Degree in Science with a Major in Aviation/Aerospace

This online degree offers a great deal of flexibility to students who can study around other commitments and specialize in the areas where they would like to pursue a career after graduating. General scientific knowledge will be gained throughout the programme and specialisms such as aviation safety, flight operations and aviation maintenance management can all be chosen along the way.

Central Washington University – Bachelors’ Degree in Aviation Management

Aviation management is a very popular career choice and this university offers the Bachelors’ Degree in aviation management with a choice between two specializations. This allows for students to plan their studies to meet the needs of their chosen career path where they can excel in using the knowledge and skills they have gained.

Letourneau University – Bachelors’ Degree in Aviation Studies

This university offers online degrees in a variety of science and engineering subjects. The Aviation Studies degree includes core modules such as aviation management, aviation safety factors, financial analysis for managers and business ethics. Students will graduate with a broad knowledge that they can use in a variety of aviation careers.

Eastern New Mexico University – Bachelors’ Degree – Applied Arts and Science in Aviation Science

The degree offered by the Eastern New Mexico University is different from many of the other online degrees that are offered. This course is designed for students who have extensive field experience in aviation and already have accreditations. The degree focuses on aviation law, contemporary issues in aviation, FAA regulations and FBO management.

Central Washington University – Bachelor’s Degree – Aviation Management or Aviation Maintenance Management

By selecting this degree you will focus on career planning, air transportation and aviation airport operations among many others. It’s great for students who want the opportunity to learn about maintenance as well as aviation science and would suit anyone with a scientific interest.

We are certain that you will find a course here to suit your requirements and hope that whichever you choose, it goes well for you ready to start a career in the aviation field.