Teachers’ Day Revelry @ Chennai Business School (CBS) House

significance of the function is to show respect to our Gurus who dispel
darkness and ignorance in and around us. Teachers give light to the life of
students. They sacrifice their life, soul for the upliftment of the students by
imparting not only knowledge but also wisdom. Knowledge can be obtained through
books, novels, newspapers and the internet. But students can acquire wisdom
only through teachers. As wick in the lamp, the teachers sacrifice themselves
to brighten the lives of the students.

It is always
teachers who have fun looking at students competing with each other but this
time it was our turn watching our teachers having fun and competing with each

To thank
them for their patience and wisdom they disseminated, students of current
winter and summer batch of CBS conducted
teacher’s day on 4th September 2015.

professors were given a warm welcome by a cake cutting ceremony with a
background music. The celebration started by dividing the teams in 5 and the
respective teams were headed by Prof.Sridar, Prof.Venkat, Prof.Arun Nair, Dr.
Mythili and Prof. Anish.k.Ravi. We had activities like:


Placing color gems in cups with straws

Felicitating teachers with thanking notes and

And the
winner of each activity was given a dairy milk chocolate. Though the winning
prize was small, they received it with a huge smile on their face.

Each faculty
were gifted a rose with a momento. And the students of both winter batch and
summer batch enjoyed themselves a lot. It was a treasured moment for all the
faculty and students. Ms. Bhavani – the
Public relation officer of CBS – quoted saying that “This is the first year I am invited for a teacher’s day celebration; I
am very happy about this”. It was an emotional moment for all of us.

Towards the
end to the function, both the winter and summer batch students took a selfie
with our dynamic and smart Prof. Anish K. Ravi which was a proud moment
for all students.

“The best teacher is one who suggests rather
than dogmatizes and inspires his listeners with the wish to teach himself.”

(CBS 2014-15 Winter Batch)