Student Experiences at Woxsen School of Business

Post my engineering I worked in different work environments like BPO, Vedanta group and IT services and in house IT department of big firms. All through my professional life I was successful yet times and not very much sometimes. Also it was not very easy to scale up the ladder with meagre hard work. Then I started introspecting myself and at the same time looking at the corporate environment and the market outside the firm. After a while, I came across an interesting observation. In the contemporary corporate world , it is no longer the same old mantra do the same job more efficiently or mastering one particular work and becoming master in that technology. It is rather one simple yet strong word “CHANGE”. Yes, technologies change, organisational structure changes and at times the job profile itself changes. Many reasons for this internal issues with the firm or the external factors like inflation, recession etc. But how capable is one to adapt and emerge strong and be successful not only in overcoming the hard times but sight an opportunity out of this and become successful. Then, I later realised that this not just the case with corporates but pretty much everything in the contemporary world. And the risk of change is much higher when it comes to the buzz word “Startups”. This made me skeptical if the skills I possessed would be sufficient in taking any decision when it comes to starting my own venture or even taking more responsible jobs in corporates. That is the key factor which drove me to look for a MBA program to equip myself with enough armour to confront the challenges in the contemporary Business world and emerge successful.

The Correct Fit.

An MBA with entrepreneurial orientation. That sounded like crazy for me and kind of dragged me to look into what exactly it meant and how would someone do that.

A new School with ambitious visionary, the chairman starting something BIG in Hyderabad.

Then what really was striking for me was the combination of academics (course outline and the international faculty), experiential courses (not just theory but hands-on experience) and courses taken by practitioners.

This is what I felt was a best fit for a MBA course.

1) A course outline on par with some of the international B-Schools.

2) The courses taught by some of the who’s who of their respective fields who bring in a lot of insights from an academician stand point

3) Courses taught by practitioners who bring in the experience and substantiate what is taught is what it is used in the contemporary business environment.

4) All this supported by the huge and world class Campus.

The reasons mentioned above kind of gave me confidence to take risk and even come out the usual measurement norms like alumni and placement record.

I would be happy to share my experience and answer your queries regarding Woxsen.

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Venkat Delhi Satish.


Woxsen School of Business, Hyderabad