Student Experiences at Woxsen School of Business

I believe that I can be a successful entrepreneur because I want to be one. I have grown up in a

family that deals with business and the qualities that are expected of an entrepreneur have been

imbibed into my daily living. My father, Mr V. Amarnath, has been a successful businessman for a

long time and his spirit of giving a 100% even after all these years has inspired me to become a

person of the same ilk. Of all the qualities that are required from an entrepreneur, the attitude to

never go down easy, the audacity to take an unprecedented initiative, and of course to lead by

example, have made my list ever since I was young and started dreaming of becoming an

entrepreneur. These qualities are what have driven my passion and up to a certain level, success as

an individual.

I have strived to lead a group irrespective of its size and implication whenever I had the chance.

There are a plethora of examples in my life which lay testament to my above statement. I had been a

coordinator and organizer for many college level events during my engineering days. Those roles

provided an opportunity for me to learn how to handle people of different behavioural levels and

push them to work as a team. The same experience was put to fruitful use when I was given the

responsibility of mentoring a group of kids at a Govt. school, during some social initiative drives

conducted by Bhumi (A Social NGO). Taking up the responsibility as the batch representative, during

my early days at Cognizant was one of the best things that happened to me. I got the opportunity to

work with a bunch of people who were a lot similar than the kinds of groups I have handled before,

which were diverse. We all had a similar target and I had the chance of driving the members to

achieve the set goals one at a time. As a result, ours was the batch with the highest aggregate and

was the most socially active.

All these qualities together have made me a person who is much more confident and unafraid of

responsibility. I have also started making my dream of becoming an entrepreneur, a reality. And with

the right support, inspiration and hard work I believe I can get there. Aiming my dream, I was

searching for the right platform, where I can sharpen my skills and learn more about business and

gain international awareness of entrepreneurial environment. Then I found Woxsen School of

Business, and heard about its attributes: first attribute is the vision of the college and the impressive

entrepreneurial ideology. Second, Woxsen is recognized internationally and has got highly reputed

faculty like Ram Nidumolu, Mike Moon, Joe Rutledge, NM Agarwal and many more. And more

importantly, Woxsen is led by Dr MR Rao(Former Dean-ISB, Hyd and Former Director-IIM B), the

provost of the college. Third, the huge and modern campus of the college. Apart from these

attributes, I heard about the assistance in business development and placements. I believed in what

I heard and I believed in Woxsen. After all it’s a risk I took as a future entrepreneur. Now the risk has

paid off and I am experiencing the facts that I heard.


Vinay Kumar Vuppalancha


Woxsen School of Business, Hyderabad