The Engaged Learning Online (ELO) is an innovative online learning technology developed by the SP Jain School of Global Management in these difficult times of the pandemic where majority of the educational institutes are struggling to maintain engagement with their students.

The ELO aims to make SPJSGM’s EMBA and other programmes accessible to every student with enhanced engagement levels. SP Jain’s ELO is not any run-of-the-mill online platform and is unique in many ways when compared to the existing video calling platforms.

Emphasis on engagement

Students collaborate with peers and faculty in an international scenario for participating in assignments, debates, polls, quizzes, and more sessions. This coalition builds confidence in the students to don leadership roles and face challenges in their careers. 

On-campus MBA experience

While the ELO is a virtual learning experience, it offers the academic austerity and enterprise of a real-time classroom. The curriculum embodies the duration, classroom hours, assessments, pedagogy, and tool structure of the classroom-MBA-tool. 

From any place at anytime

Executives who would like to upgrade academically often face a time crunch to pursue their studies. Schedules between work and college tend to clash for busy professionals.

The ELO saves precious commute time and helps executives login to the classroom from anyplace without compromising on their working or personal lives. 

Executives who must relocate for any reason can continue their studies in any town or city. Thanks to the ELO you need not forfeit admission for reasons of promotions, change in job-function/roles.  

The gift of time

Using the ELO will ensure you need not press pause on your work or family life. The tool gives you the flexibility to attend to your busy schedules at work while you also participate in family functions and social events. 

How does ELO work?

The ELO is a high-technology learning platform that simulates a live classroom session. The faculty accesses the Robotic tracking camera at the ELO studio to impart lessons.

The ELO ensures that the instructor moves smoothly in the classroom, maintains eye contact with the class, responds to visual cues, and vets student discussions. The tool facilitates smooth interactions among students and faculty.

The faculty can oversee each student’s class-engagement, respond to them individually, and propel them in improving performance. 

How did ELO emerge?

Mr. Nitish Jain, President, SP Jain School of Global Management, opines that technology shapes the way we live and experience things. S P Jain would not just ape other online platforms.

Unlike Zoom, Google Hangout or other popular videoconferencing software that were mostly designed for office use, ELO works on student engagement.

Mr. Jain feels encouraged to see students continue with their lessons uninterrupted despite the chaos and uncertainty during the pandemic. The school gathers feedback on the system to ensure that the institute is on the right track in online education. 

Faculty experience

Dr Anna Tarabasz, Assistant Professor Marketing, Deputy Director MGB Internships, SP Jain School of Global Management felt that the use of technology in academia is inevitable.

She said that using the ELO was a smooth transition for the students and faculty. She was glad that the ELO has eliminated the unpopular “last benchers”. She loved the great vibes and quick inputs from the audience vide polling and chat mechanisms. 

How do student like the ELO?

Students find ELO a technology of the future especially during these tough times. Avira Singh, a student of Master of Global Business program at SP Jain said that the ELO has facilitated the students at SP Jain School of Global Management in attending the classes from anywhere in the world without hindering participation of everyone concerned. 

His classmate Akshay Jadhav added that the Elo experience exceeded any online learning experience he had previously had. The professor was able to create an interactive experience for all the students while providing the required learning for the course. 

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