DISCLAIMER: The PI experience is a verbatim (exactly as it happened)and happens to be a long write up.

CAT OA Score:98.48

Section 1: 98.55

Section 2: 98.22

Section 3: 91.91




Undergrad Major -B.TECH( CS) 72.3%

Work-Ex (number of months):0

VENUE: MDI Gurgaon

Slot: Afternoon

( We were made to sit in a lecture hall where document verification was done.The process took about an hour)

Panel No:1

WAT Details: Time given for wat was 15 minutes but as per me they stopped us short of the given period Topic and other relevant details: Privacy intrusion caused due to social networking applications. Started with a real life scenario(short story) but could not complete the concluding paragraph.

GD Details: Privacy intrusion caused due to social networking applications. GD was smooth.everyone pitched in..I spoke 3 times(kaam hi tha yar), no fish market! gd maybe went on for more than 15 minutes (intended time period) as power went out a few times but people never stopped speaking.(andhere mei b judge kar lenge professors :P)

Number of People present:11

Time:15 minutes

Other Salient Details:A person lead in the gd very well.Thanks to him that I could speak..otherwise would have been left waiting for my turn. After the gd,one of the professors said that they may call us in random manner and not according to our serial number in the panel. I was 8th in the panel but 1st one to be called in for the interview.(:d)

PI Details:Time ka andaza nhi h..maybe 10 minutes(max)…ya phir 8 minutes! Panel Members Intro: Two male professors aged between 40-50.One spoke throughout the interview,the other spoke sometimes in between.(maine jo bat kar rhe the unpe hi focus kia zyada)(dono professors ke saath eye contact na ho pata humse).

Let us call the talkative professor( PT) and the other professor ( PQ). As we were waiting outside the PI room, PQ calls out my name.(100W ki smile ke saath yes sir..he said “is there anyone else with the same name”….ye q pucha:X) Greeted both of them. They told me to have a seat.


PT: So Vinay you spoke very less in the gd.

Me: Yes sir..I had repetitive points and I was waiting for my turn.Actually sir I am not a very good speaker.(haad kardi mane) PQ:So you are a very good listener.(smile thi ya mazak uda rhe the :P)

Me: (Confidently) Yes sir.

PT: So you have not scored very good marks in 10,12 and grad.

Me: No sir, I don’t think they are bad at all. Ok 12 percentage is the highlight but rest is also good.

PT: Yes,12 % stands out.

PT: Why MDI?

Me: Sir the actual reason that I am from Gurgaon and I would like to remain in Gurgaon.Another reason may be that an alumni of MDI told me about Mr.Sanjay Bakshi and his exchange program with Warren Buffet.This happens to be a big deal in finance and although I have very limited knowledge in the domain I would be very grateful if I could learn from him.

PT: But you can learn from the internet as well.

Me: Yes sir, you can search online .But I told you the actual reason sir.

PT: No issues. It is alright.

PT: Had it been IIM A?

Me: Sir obviously IIM A.(grin)

PT: So have you gone through the MDI Website.

Me: Yes sir.

PT: So when was MDI established?(told) PGPM?(told)..asked some other stuff about MDI(told). (rapid fire tha yeh :D)

PT: So how do you rank an institute.

Me: Sir I do not believe the ranking given online.I try to talk to the alumni and then make a decision.

PT: Give me a scientific approach.

Me: Told about various parameters such as roi, location.And then said that final rankings could be different for different people according to the respective weightage given to each parameter.(He had asked me to determine the final ranking.)

PT: What is the difference between TFT and CRT.

Me: (Phas gya) Sir TFT is an old technology.

PT: Old means?

Me: Sir it was introduced earlier than CRT. TFT has a big back(:P) while CRT is much smaller in size.

PT: pointing to a pointer.TFT or CRT?

Me: CRT sir.

PQ: Do you know the full form of TFT.

Me :No sir,in 4 years of engg I have not been taught anything close to what you are asking.

PT: No issues.

PT: What is cloud computing?

Me: (ye pata hona chaeya tha)..saving data on internet..dropbox..(kuch b bol rha tha)told them I did not know and that it has not been taught.

PQ: Which college?

Me: SRM University.

PQ: Which campus, where is it located?

Me :Sir Ghaziabad, located on Delhi-Meerut highway.

PQ: So you have completed graduation?

Me: No sir, I am still completing it.

PT: He is still in college.

PT: Do you have a job offer?

Me: No sir,I did not go for placements .I only focused on MBA.

PT: No issues.

PT: (He took the WAT paper from PQ.)So you have written about privacy intrusion.Where is the topic explained?

Me: Justified my stand.( In the first paragraph only..no cross questions..he talked about it a little more)

PT: What are your hobbies?

Me :Football,reading.

PQ: (Suddenly).You don’t write?(wat se shayad laga ke creative hun:d)

Me: No sir.

PT: Ok..what is your cat percentile.

Me :Sir 98.48.

PT: Calls?

Me: New iims, IIM-S,MDI.

PT: Ok you can go.

Me: puzzled (itni jaldi ? ).

PT: ok wait, have you had any interviews?

Me: Yes sir,new iims.

PT: Where was it?

Me :(Naam yad q nhi aarha)Hotel JP Siddharth,New Delhi. (Shayad memory check ho rhi thi:P).

PT: OK,you can go.

Me: Getting up, thanked both the professors.

PT told me call someone from outside, PQ said no no, we will call on our own.

Your Expectations :

Expectations(kuch nhi pata).interview mei kuch khas pucha nhi. Pehle hi reject to nhi kar dia tha.. (isko jaldi se bhej dete h :(( :d)..but interview was chill.no stress from their part..no nervousness from my side..rarely stopped smiling throughout the interview and spoke with confidence.

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