So-so interview

My Interview experience 

20th Jan Bank of Maharashtra, Fort Mumbai

1.00 pm Panel I

I reached venue at 12.30 pm. Document verification started at 1.00 pm and it took 15 min for doc verification……mine was 9th no. in the list and my interview turn came at 3.50 pm

I entered room greeting all panel members

they asked to have a seat

M1 – Nilesh tell us about yourself ?

me – explained with end as “being management student I opted to go for bank job”

M2 – Nilesh Mechanical is very core branch of engineering, don’t you think you have more scope in that ?

me- you are right sir mechanical is core branch and have more scope but bank is the only sector which anchors financial and economical health of country and hence prospect of this sector is growing huge than any other sectors also India being a huge demographically divided country, we are yet to reach every nook and corner of country in terms of financial literacy, so I would like to contribute for the same and grow simultaneously.

M3 – what is NABARD and it functions ?

me – explained

M3 – went in details of NABARD

Me- was not able to answer one of his question, so i said sorry sir i don’t know about it and i need to go through it thoroughly.

M4 – what is name of book on Sachin after his retirement ?

Me- Sir I have read about but not able to recollect at the moment, Sorry sir.

M5 – what is banking ? NEFT RTGS ?

me – explained

M5 – when RTGS started?

me – sorry sir I don’t know.

M1 – asked me question about the organisation I am currently working in…that is who are customers of your company?

me – explained

M2- What is RTE ? 

me- explained in details.

then they said thank you Nilesh.

I greeted them and came out of room.

I was not able to ans few questions but what questions I have answered were right and to the point. let us see…fingers crossed

That was my interview experience friends……ATB friends.