SIESCOMS Students Speak #1

Sohini Maji (PGDM 2019-21)

When you have a secured job at a place it often becomes difficult to decide if you wish to continue with it further and keep earning or opt for higher studies, but in my case, the option was clear to me, that too was exploring and grow more. So that’s how I decided that I wanted to do MBA and explore the opportunities that the industry had to offer.
But coming to this point was not an easy task especially when you see a good salary in your hand!
So how did I end up with pursuing an MBA degree from SIES College of Management Studies? Here goes my story…

Sometimes at your workplace, you may feel like everything’s getting monotonous, it’s the same routine, the same process, you have a lot to learn yet sometimes it’s your degree that can act as a constraint to the learning process. Thus it becomes important to understand when to stop (with your job) and when to start (with higher studies). I understood it at the right time… maybe a little late (That’s what I thought at that time).
It was December 20, 2018, when I realised that my degree may limit my potential at my workplace as few designations require special degrees like the MBA, so I finally decided that this is the right time to act upon the same. I got in contact with a few coaching classes and after a lot of counselling, I decided to join one after a week. They said It’s too late now and if I wish to score I need to leave my job, but sometimes money is a necessity so I decided to continue with my full-time job and prepare for CET side by side.
So, 2019 came with a new routine for me, leave home at 8 30 AM, reach office by 9 AM, do your work and wrap up everything by 6 PM, then rush to catch an auto and reach your coaching class by 6 30 PM and then sincerely attend the sessions till 9 PM, come home by 10 PM, freshen up and start revising by 11 PM. All this was hard! But my goal was clear, to get into the finest colleges and boost my career, learn about the industry better and give my best. To motivate myself I had the logos of my desirable colleges hung on my office desk’s board where I used to see the logo of SIES College of Management Studies every day and work harder than the day before each day.
Then finally, the day of CET approached where I learnt that my interview process for PGDM course was just a few days after my exam. At first, I panicked that when to prepare! But then I just said to myself and “achieve your dream”.
CET was done and I started preparing for group discussions and personal interview. The time frame was less, but that’s how one has to work in the VUCA world and so I knew that this time I am ready.
When you step into one of your dream colleges, I guess people panic, but the amazing hospitality by the volunteers of SIESCOMS made this process rather easy. The process went smooth! The competition was tough, but I knew all my hard work wouldn’t go waste.
Finally, my CET results came out. I did well! And this was the time I was sure that I am soon going to be a part of the SIESCOMS community and the day came soon.
I am still thankful for my own decisions and hard work that has made me a proud member of the SIESCOMS community where you don’t just learn and explore different horizons, but you experience them too.

Sohini Maji,
PGDM 2019-21,
SIES College of Management Studies.

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