Should Alcohol be banned in India?

It’s a question which would arise anger in more than 50% of the Indians. Alcohol which is said to be the most popular hard drink in the world and surprisingly the beer intake exceeds our life saver H20 in some parts of the world. Is there any advantage in drinking alcohol? May be some would say it’s like being in trans for some time and forgetting all the thoughts about the world created by the supreme power and to live in a imaginative world created by self. But my question is it needed? And my opinion is it creates havoc to the people around us and to our own culture.

From ancient India alcohol was considered to be a pass time drink for the Rich and stress reliving drink for the workers. But there was a limit; limits of age, gender and class. People used to do it in private, but now it is like a public show all around us. People started to think privileged if they are drunk, create nuiseance, loose their values and character, Critizise women, dis-respecting elders. The list would go on and on, but is there any control to it? Government imposed higher taxes on hard drinks but our dear friends in trans feel proud in telling that they are paying for the economic growth of the nation.

The youth of India is severly getting affected by drinking alcohol, they are not able to concentrate well in their education and career paths. There are students whom I have met, who boastfully admit that they cannot sit for a 3 hr long exam, attend an Personal Interview without having a peg. Isn’t it shame to the nation we live in. This culture is being spread by our popular entertainers via films, concerts and of-course our idioit box. Our favourite sport star engrosses popular drinks and gives a comment that it gives boost to their body. Youth learn from their parents and these famous personalities, because negative things are easier to penetrate rather than positive characteristics.

These days women are also highly contributing to the statics of the social life drinkers. Many problems arise due to this in their physical body, reproductive system and their life expectancy. But no one wants to care about future when they are thinking that they are enjoying the present.

“Drink BEER Save WATER” is a famous quote these days , I would say “ Drink WATER save LIFE”. There should be a restriction on age & gender at least. Parents even if they are alcholosists should advise their children in the affirmative and completely avoid drinking before them. Govt should have strict restrictions on quantity purchased in a particular time period. I agree alcohol cannot be banned but it can restricted