Shaping The Professional In You – Tutoring The Ethos

Before hitting into technicalities and
[email protected] idiosyncrasies, allow us to introduce you to the two power-packed
weeks at IMI, amongst many. Getting the show on the road, the described period broadly
highlights the most eccentric events at the college, viz. Summer Internship
Placements and Business Thought Leadership program (henceforth abbreviated as
SIP and BTL respectively).

SIP is undertaken as part of the stipulated
curriculum and serves as an insight towards what it is like working in the
corporate environment. The BTL program on the other hand serves as bedrock to
SIPs as multitudinous corporations visit the campus and assiduously apprises
students about the company’s services, position in the industry, profiles
offered, work culture, career growth, corporate social responsibilities, future
prospects and the list goes on. Such interactive programs are aimed at
imparting a holistic view of summer internships along with extending an open
learning session wherein students obtain greater clarity by exchanging a great deal
of questions pursuant to such discussions. 
Though the commencement of selection process for SIP program is in late September,
the finalisation of placements is spread over five months, which culminates
into a promising placement. Subsequently, students experience the fruits of
such placement post conclusion of the first year.

Meanwhile, the senior batch rigorously conducts
review processes and mock interviews for honing the skills of the greenhorns
required at the time of placements. This includes sagacious scrutiny of the
applications and curriculum vitae of students on person-to-person basis. Such
review processes convey quick constructive tips on making one’s application
more competitive and all embracing. The process interestingly gives a quick rundown
to on-the-job experience of seniors and an insight into what exactly the
corporate world is looking for. A multitude of group discussions and mock interviews are conducted,
striving to shape a leader for tomorrow.

All this is wired
with an intriguing exchange of
mails communicating the batch meetings, which are further aimed at updating, galvanising
and motivating juniors to prep up for the upcoming SIPs. The pandemonium of
[email protected] running at a flashing speed is mired by the run up to final
examinations marking the end of first term. The campus buzzes with late-night
cognitive discussions and group studies which catapult into mutual preparation
for the upcoming exams. While the senior batch wrapped up their first trimester
final examinations in the previous week, the juniors are burning the candle at
both ends in an anticipation of passing with flying colours for the upcoming
final examinations. But one can never miscalculate the cool moments and
bantering that runs parallel to many things in the campus. Students can be
spotted breaking in a game or two at the tennis / badminton courts- adding life
to IMI.

And all this while entwined in the
adventurous ride at IMI as described above, students must already be fluttering
to reach yet another approaching deadline.

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