SCAM @ MICA, Ahmedabad

Sport is an unparalleled platform when it comes to bringing people together and building solidarity. Being there on the field, whether you are sweating blood against your opponent single-handedly or as part of a team, sport is a unique universe that exposes you to all the cardinal rules.

The true guardian of the spirit of Sports, The Sports Committee at MICA (SCAM) is the official facilitator of all sporting events, both inter and intra collegiate. The iconic SAMAR is the annual national level B-school sports festival organised by the committee, during which reputed B-schools from across the country, such as IIM-A, NITIE, NIRMA, SIBM, GNLU, IMI and many more participate to battle it out on the grounds. The sports festival witnesses some of the most aggressive and nail biting matches and the aficionados only add to the already existing extravaganza. SCAM has partnered with big names in the industry, such as Woodland, KTM, Decathlon, Wildcraft, Red Bull, Radio City and Sony. Some of the other tournaments that are in motion at other times of the year include Game of Thrones (inter-hostel tournament), Coxic Smash, Micathon, Acers and many other intra collegiate tournaments where adrenaline and passions run high.

The committee constantly encourages novices to shed their sporting inhibitions, and batches have time and again witnessed beginners transforming into adept players. The committee leaves no stone unturned when it comes to maintaining inventory and keeping a constant vigil of the sports infrastructure to provide the best experience and facilities to the players.

The committee does not have a rigid structure with pre-defined verticals. Instead, it allows a very dynamic and fluid system of functioning that encourages each member to choose and execute the work in the domain of his/her interest that ensures the best quality outcomes. SCAM ensures that it leaves a digital imprint via its well-maintained social networking channels (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). The various events that occur in the calendar year are updated about in real time, to allow an instant connect not only to the current Micans but also to the Alumni.

Sport events and activities offered by SCAM serves as a pleasant breather for those who play for recreational purposes, and is a much-needed arena to showcase their sporting talent for the more professional ones, who are thirsty to play in a more competitive environment.

The learning on the field is universal in essence and goes a long way in shaping up one’s personality. The art of leadership, the tactics of strategic time management and lessons on perseverance are only few of the many takeaways from the ground that always help in situations both on and off the field.

SCAM is not just a committee that facilitates sport; it’s not just a committee of sport lovers; it is a committee that abides religiously by the words “Let there be Sport”.