We were ecstatic at the thought of experiencing theatre and the session by Mr. Bala Krishnan definitely did not let us down. This interesting session was conducted on the 12th of October and was organized by Professor DR. Agna Fernandez. V Balakrishnan is the Founder and Artistic Director of Theatre Nisha. He is renowned for swimming against the tide and doing it with immense grace! Here I bring you a rendezvous with the man who has brought mature, intelligible and responsible theatre to namma Chennai.

V. Balakrishnan or Bala, a name that stuck around with those who know him dearly, is an alumnus of Sri Ram Centre for Performing Arts and National School of Drama (1998). He was later awarded The Charles Wallace Scholarship to attend an International Residency for aspiring directors, hosted by The Royal Court Theatre in London. Bala started his tryst with theatre in 1994 with no Idea where his passion was to take him; it was a rejuvenating relief to have this session amidst the internship week, as it helped us explore various hidden dimensions of our personality through a fun-filled learning process. So light-hearted were the exercises that none of us realized how the time had passed.

Life at LIBA is never less than a roller-coaster ride, with its everyday challenges and unexpected surprises and this was just one more wonderful memory pinned to those cherishable awesome moments in life at LIBA that is truly beyond awesome!


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