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This quiz consists of questions from
various past papers of MBA entrance exams. Leave your answers/ responses in the
comments section below and soon we’ll let you know the correct answers!

1. A picture was bought at a certain sum, which was
the price paid for its frame. Had the frame cost Rs. 100 less and the picture
Rs. 75 more, the price for the frame would have been only half of that of the
picture. What is the price of the frame?

(a) Rs. 75                     (b)
Rs. 100                   (c) Rs. 175                  (d) Rs. 275

2. What is the closest time between 7 & 8 when the
hands of your watch are exactly opposite each other?

(a) 7 Hr – 5 Min.          (b)
7 Hr – 5.5 Min.       (c) 7 Hr – 6 Min.         (d) 7 Hr – 6.5 Min

3. The market price of a
machine depreciates at an annual compound rate of 10%. If the current market
price of the machine is Rs. 8748 then what was its market price 3 years ago?

a. Rs. 12500                b.
Rs. 12000                c. Rs. 20000                 d.Rs. 20500

4. A cylinder has a diameter
of 8cm and a cuboid has a square base of side length 8cm. If both of these
solids have a height of 14 cm then what is the difference in their volumes?

a. 196 cc          b.1960
cc         c.1920 cc         d.195 cc

5. A metallic cuboid has
dimensions of 9cm * 10cm * 11cm. How many spherical balls of radius 0.3 cm, can
be drawn from this cuboid?

a. 2750            b.
5750            c. 8750            d. 3750

6. There are 6 tickets to the theater, four of which
are for seats in the front row. 3 tickets are selected at random. What is the probability
that two of them are for the front row?

(a) 0.6                  (b)
0.7                          (c) 0.8                          (d) 1/3

7. Four brothers and three
sisters sit in a single row, facing the photographer’s camera. If the three
sisters always sit together, how many different photographs, having all of
them, can be liked?

a. 840              b.126
              c.120               d.720

8. From amongst the available
15 cricket players, of whom 5 are bowlers, a team of 11 is to be selected. What
is the probability that the selected team will have at least 3 bowlers?

a. 7/13                                     b.
5/13                                     c.
12/13                       d. 9/13

9. The profit by selling an
item was 25%. If the item was marked 40% above the selling price then what is
the ratio of the marked price to the cost price of the item?

a. 5/4               b.
7/4               c. 3/4               d. 1/4

10. The per liter price of
vehicular fuel has increased by 25%. If the transportation cost is still the
same, then what is the ratio of the reduced fuel consumption to the previous
fuel consumption?

a. 1:5               b.
1:4               c. 1:3               d. 1:6

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1(d)    2(b)    
3(b)    4(c)     5(c)     6(a)  
7(d)    8(c)     9(b)   

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