Punjab Government and ISB Organise Sessions on Higher Education

Punjab Government

The government of Punjab looks into the all-round development of the state, from its infrastructure to human resources and especially education as it is the correct way to enlighten the youth of the state. For this, the Punjab government takes several steps like looking into the state curriculum, conducting regular examinations and carrying out enriching educational sessions.

Recently, the Punjab government organised an enriching brainstorming session on higher education and industry 4.0, in association with the Indian School of Business (ISB). This was a great initiative as not only the bright ideas of young minds were heard, but it also created an environment of healthy competition and research.

The Indian School of Business is one of the premier educational institutions in India and has been working towards the dissemination of high quality education for management and other studies. They intend to utilise its resources, expertise and knowledge in order to engage with different parts of the society like business and government. By doing so, it aims to contribute to the welfare of society at large.

Keeping these intentions in mind, the Indian School of Business actively participated with the government of Punjab in such a brainstorming session. The topic of the brainstorming  session was kept keeping in mind the type of people who will be participating in this session. The topic revolved around education and industrial development. There was active participation of students and revelation of some unique and well-researched ideas by them.

The objective of this session was to create a road map stating how Mohali can become an education hub and to find a way towards the 4th Industrial revolution in Punjab. The session was attended by several high dignitaries such as Vini Mahajan, additional chief secretary along with the Dean of ISB, Professor Rajendra Srivastava. Several other key stakeholders of the government and academia were also seen attending this session. Some of the heads of the organisations involved were from –

  • Indian Institute of Human Settlements
  • British Council of India
  • Plaksha University
  • KPMG
  • Goa International Centre
  • IMTECH etc.

The session saw some amazing heated discussions. There were 5 main themes discussed under the broad topic of education and industry –

  1. Regulatory constraints
  2. Private investment in higher education
  3. Global test practices
  4. Transforming legacy institutions
  5. Establishment of more private institutions

The session also witnessed some wise words by the Dean of ISB, who stated the need for urgent transformations and introduction of new ventures in the education system. He stated that higher education institutions needed more autonomy. They require public and private initiative to work out educational skills of the people.