You must have spent months preparing for TISSNET 2019, but with less than two weeks to go for the exams, you must be panicking about if you have prepared enough. So, to help you, we have put together a few tips to keep you calm at this last stage.

Exam Pattern:

First of all, before starting with the last-minute revision, it is once again important to know and go through the exam pattern. This will help you bifurcate your time accordingly between different sections. You must already be aware that you are expected to answer questions pertaining to analytical ability, general awareness, and English proficiency. But a major part of the paper covers questions related to general awareness followed by either an analytical ability or English proficiency. So, needless to say, that when u start revising, give more time to general awareness.

Game Plan:

While you are prepping yourself for the exam, by taking last minute mock tests, keep in mind that you only have 100 minutes to answer 100 questions. To make most of this time, the first thing to do is skim through the entire paper and start with answering your favorite or your strongest section first. This will not only save time since you are most comfortable with this section but will also give you the confidence to proceed ahead towards more difficult sections.

While answering the question paper, the most important factor would be the amount of time you take to answer each question. The sooner you finish with general awareness and English proficiency sections, the better it will be because then you can have more time to answer analytical ability questions. This is one section, where questions generally take more than a minute to answer. While your speed will be the most important and critical factor in answering all 100 questions, you will also need to be focused on answering the question right the first time itself. In any of the sections, in case if you are not sure of the answer or are taking too much time to answer, avoid dwelling there. If you continue to spend too much time on just one question, you will lose time and ultimately lose out on answering the other questions. Therefore, it is wise to move forward, answer rest of the questions and come back again to finish this.

Preparing for each section:

General awareness – the moment we hear the words general awareness/general knowledge we think of everything right from politics to sports to entertainment. While this is a huge topic to cover, it is not impossible to be studied. Start with,

  • Reading the newspapers regularly for the latest updates and news from around the world
  • Read magazines related to history, geography, science, politics etc.
  • Keep a track of any major news/invention/event that has taken place around the world
  • Discuss these topics with friends or family members to be able to remember and recollect
  • Maintain notes of important dates and events and keep revising them
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Analytical ability – this section has more to do with maths and logical reasoning. You can start preparing for this section by,

  • Go through previous years TISSNET papers to know the topics and type of questions asked.
  • Revise the topics from any aptitude and logical reasoning books and solve the exercises given to improve progress
  • Simultaneously solve previous years test papers of other entrance exams also for continued practice.

English proficiency – there’s nothing needs to be prepared especially for this section, if you already have a good command over English language and grammar. Preparation for this section mainly consists of improving and developing vocabulary and brushing up what you already know. So, start by,

  • Reading regularly to improve your reading speed  
  • Revise the grammar topics learned in schools and solve exercises to master them
  • Read dictionary or word cards available for competitive exams to improve vocabulary and learn the meaning, synonym, and antonym of the words
  • Solve exercises pertaining to phrases, idioms, reading and answering comprehensions etc.

Do’s and don’ts

Last but not least, while we have shared with you a few tips to help you in the last two weeks, there are some other points to remember to not get panic and stay confident.


  • take time out to refresh and relax.
  • Believe in yourself and the preparation that you have done
  • Attempt every mock test as if it’s your final test
  • Focus on just revising, remembering and solidifying the concepts


  • Do not worry about anything that you may have missed out on studying
  • Do not overthink about the difficulty level of the questions or time management
  • Do not compare your studies and preparations with what others may have done

Lastly, keep yourself calm and composed during the exam so that you can stay focused to manage the time and answer each and every question with utmost accuracy.


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