Prep time for XAT 2020

Stressed over preparation for Xavier Admission Test 2020? Learning can be a lot easier if proper planning is done before starting the work. Given below are some guidelines you can refer to for thorough preparation for XAT 2020:

Preparation as per Exam Pattern

 It will be problematic for a candidate to prepare for XAT without knowing the exam pattern. You should be thoroughly familiar with the test mode, different sections of the question paper, number of questions, types of questions, marking scheme and then proceed.

The XAT 2020 section-wise marks distribution with the number of questions expected, is listed here:

Section No. of Expected Multiple Choice Questions Marks (maximum)
Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning (VALR)  26  26
Decision Making (DM)  21  21
Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation (QADI)  27  27
General Knowledge (GK)  25  25
Total  99  99


After gaining detailed knowledge about the XAT exam preparation topics, you need to study for XAT 2020, collect XAT preparation material, books, and study material. You will get a complete idea of the XAT exam preparation topics based on which you can prioritize as well as choose the topics for XAT preparation.

The syllabus of XAT 2020 consists of the topics on Verbal Ability, Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation and General Knowledge. XAT did away with the essay writing section in 2019. The 3 marks which were up for grabs in the Essay Writing section, will be redistributed among the other sections. The exam comprised more than 100 questions before the XAT 2018 exam, which has now been reduced.

Candidates should keep in mind these significant changes and a few others, such as no negative marking on the GK section.

Study material

 Materials for XAT preparation will consist of XAT Study Material, study materials from other sources such as XAT preparation centres, online materials for XAT preparation, XAT Mocks available on various websites, and so on.

While searching for such study materials, check their quality, whether they are specified as XAT exam preparation books, and if they include tips from toppers to choose the right strategy for XAT preparation. Books by XAT toppers such as those authored by Arun Sharma and Nishit K. Sinha are highly recommended.

You can also download books online (PDF) for this purpose.

 A major role in securing high scores in the XAT exam is played by the XAT preparation books and XAT online or offline preparation materials. These preparation books will not only help you crack XAT but will also clarify your concepts and strengthen your fundamentals.

You will also have a variety of questions to practice based on difficulty level, which is for the best while preparing for such competitive examinations.

Previous and sample question papers

XAT question papers of past years and their solutions are highly resourceful. They provide you with the types of questions that you are likely to come across in the XAT 2020. Practise as many question papers as possible after your area of fundamentals is strong enough.

This will give you a better idea of the test. XAT preparation strategy like this one will not only allow you to solve questions previously featured in the XAT exam but will also help you gain more confidence because of the variety of questions you will answer.

Since XAT is an online test, online mocks will boost your confidence level, since they are like the real XAT exam. By the time you appear for the actual XAT, it will feel like another of the mocks!

The more you practise XAT Mock tests and XAT sample papers, the higher you are likely to score in XAT 2020.

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Decision making and approach

The Decision-Making section of XAT does not only test your ability to retain concepts and formulas but your ability to view a situation holistically and approach it with a suitable solution. You are tested on your ethical standing in the DM section and are given conflicting situations to determine how rational and balanced you are while solving them. There are three types of questions under the DM section, namely, data-based, situational and a mixture of the two.

To deal with this, firstly you will have to analyse the situation from various perspectives, frame an answer in your mind, justify its credibility and finally, eliminate incorrect options.

With the tips stated above, you are sure to crack XAT 2020. Focus, study well, and your dedication will do the rest.

Good luck and keep coming back to our discussion forum for more updates.

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