Permission to 12-year-old Isaac Paulallungmuan to appear for Class 10th Boards by BSE Manipur

Isaac Paulallungmuan
Isaac Paulallungmuan

Recognizing the extraordinary abilities of 12-year-old Isaac Paulallungmuan, Board of Secondary Education, Manipur or BSEM has given its approval to let him appear for the upcoming class 10 examination. The 12-year-old boy is from Churachandpur district’s Kangvai village. With this, he would become the youngest person in the state to appear for the HSLC examinations (Class 10 boards), calling him an ‘out of case’.

The Department of Clinical Psychology, RIMS Imphal administered tests to confirm Isaac’s aptitude and ability to appear for the examination. His IQ was recorded at 141 – which is well within the potential category. Einstein – deemed one of the ‘brightest’ geniuses of modern times had a recorded IQ of about 160. Isaac Newton, with whom the young genius shares his name, is reportedly expected to have had an IQ of 170 – 190.ssac Paulallungmuan, Manipur’s boy genius, is fairly happy and eager to appear for the examination. Issac told, “I am happy and excited. I admire Sir Isaac Newton because I think I am like him & we share a common name.

He has four brothers and a sister, Isaac who is preparing to appear in the forthcoming HSLC examination which is programmed to be held from February 17 to March 7 next year.

An excellent student, Isaac who had achieved the top position in his studies in the previous classes, also showed interest in reading books of higher classes and books on other subjects.

HSLC exams have put the authorities in a quandary, as a student needs to complete 15 years of age on April 1 of the year in which he/she performs in the matriculation examination (first appearance) of the Board, according to rules of the BoSEM.

They approached the CBSE authority to let him appear in the class 10 examination by changing the school and the syllabus (from state board to CBSE). Nevertheless, it was rejected, so they approached the state board and they agree after necessary tests.

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