Day 1
Banner up, stage set, mic check, here we go!
With such a significant number of new faces and grins in the campus, it felt simply like the first day of college! It was the premiere night of the seventh edition of Periodos, the yearly inter college sports competition of IMT Hyderabad! The two-day occasion was pronounced open with the lighting of the torch and firecrackers in the sky.
The matches occurred in the basketball court, volleyball court and the cricket ground at the same time. Each player wore their college jersey with pride and walked onto the field equipped with the assurance and energy to win.Be that as it may, we should not overlook the second and maybe the most significant part of these games-the eager spectators. This gathering of individuals who don’t let the players’ spirits down, wouldn’t quit cheering at anything! Regardless of the scores, the grounds resounded with shouts of adrenaline surge. For the individuals who wished to investigate the grounds past the fields, there were photograph corner spots and food stalls.
A few members shared their experience from Periodos 2018 and reviewed recognizable appearances among the IMT Hyderabad understudies.We saw a considerable lot of them make up for lost time with their pals from the earlier year. Extending groups of friends is perhaps the best impact of these college occasions! They felt comfortable around the grounds and sat at the Amphitheater for a friendly banter with one another. Two or three groups appeared to have improved their game and set up a consistent battle. The organizing and volunteer groups of IMT Hyderabad eagerly kept the show running. Energetic and feet tapping music booming close to the bushel court with bright jerseys gave the grounds a fair like flavor. Wherever we turned, we saw gatherings of players examining opponent strategy and doing mental score computations. The football matches were booked for after 10pm. The flood lights made the field look more splendid than a day at the desert! As the night advanced, everybody moved to the Amphitheater, moving to the tune of guitars and singing in joy. Following a tiring day with such a significant number of exercises played out, the enjoyment they had in the amphitheater was merited and totally justified.
Day 2

Day 2 began with a similar vitality as Day 1.The last matches of the considerable number of events were planned for Day 2 which kept the members, and even the onlookers involved. Notwithstanding the downpour, the certified groups were still cheerful and all set for the semi- finals and the finals. Despite the fact that the matches were postponed because of terrible climate conditions, it didn’t influence the vitality of the players or the observers. Everybody was loaded with fervor, and the grounds was so enthusiastic and brimming with vitality! Livelier than at any other time! The understudies were rooting for the players with so much vitality. I was in the hostel, and I could hear the crowd go wild with energy and excitement! Indeed, even the IMT Alumni attended the occasion.I addressed one of the football players from IMT, a first-year, about his experience to which he  stated, “It was my first intercollege coordinate here, and it was actually what I anticipated!

Everybody played with a ton of camaraderie, and it was astonishing!” A player from IBS Hyderabad said that the organizing committee worked superbly at making the occasion an incredible encounter for everybody! All things considered, IMTians are astounding! Right? Periodos 7.0 saw a staggering investment from various B-Schools. The two-day occasion finished with a lively closing ceromony, which included a prize conveyance function. All the groups were acknowledged for their sportsmanship and investment.The triumphant groups were granted trophies and declarations. Exceptional exhibitions by Dhanak –the Dance Club of IMT, Navrang – the Drama Club, and Dhwani – the Music Club,left the crowd captivated. The crowd joined Dhanak in an impromptu flash mob, which was overly fun. They gave amazing performances, left the audience awestruck and wanting for more!
Thus, the seventh edition of Periodos, the annual sports competition of IMT Hyderabad ended on a high, with all participants and organizers much more pumped up and energized even after the end of the event.
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-Sanjana Satapathy And Anushka Rawat (2019-2021)

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