Alum Melange 2019 at NIBM

Being able to co-ordinate and manage the smooth hosting Alum Melange – The annual alumni meet of NIBM, was one roller coaster of an experience. It all began with calling up our alums and keeping in touch with their latest whereabouts and sending them the invites. One of the most memorable moments of this activity was one of the alums from 2003-04 batch telling us “You guys made me realize how old I am!”

Then the gears shifted and the on ground preparations started. This was an unprecedented opportunity and experience for me and my fellow committee members to get to know how to get things done.  We had to meet deadlines, we had to connect with third party vendors and a lot many players. We had a mammoth support and absolute liberty given to us by the college administration and our senior Mr. Ustav Agarwal, making things hassle free. 

One moment I’ll never forget is giving a trumped up introduction of our Chief guest, Mr. Tamal Bandyopadhyay.  Somehow in my script there was a goof up and “MR” had been replaced by “DR”. After I called our chief guest on the dais, on his way up he asked “What’s your name son?” It gave me chills as to he liked my work. Well the grass always looks greener on the other side! The first thing he says is “I really have to thank Anshuman for making me a PHD”! and the audience broke into laughter. I started sweating profusely thinking “Oh my god! I just messed up our chief guest’s introduction”. While he was talking what he was talking about, the only thing going on in my mind was how do I do some damage control? Finally at the validatory note I managed to say “Thank you for making me more popular in college”! I hopefully did some damage control as Mr Bandyopadhyay was smiling at my comment.

The best part of the entire event was getting a chance to interact with the alums. It was helpful both on a personal level and a professional level, getting to know how our lives may turn out be.

The overall experience for me was wonderful, it helped me improve on a plethora of skills and areas predominated by my managerial skills and teamwork. It was one hell of an experience!


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– Ishani Taneja (2019-2021)