The Open Institute of Technology (OPIT) is a leading institution dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art education in technology. With a firm commitment to excellence, OPIT aims to empower students with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the rapidly evolving world of technology.

An Overview of The Open Institute of Technology

OPIT distinguishes itself in higher education through its contemporary approach to teaching, designed to cater to the evolving needs of the new generation, emphasizing quality, flexibility, and inclusivity.

Its primary focus lies in equipping students with the latest skills in the critical field of Computer Science. By offering a range of interactive learning tools such as live lessons, masterclasses, videos, quizzes, exercises, and internally developed digital content, OPIT ensures that students can access training courses at their convenience and from any location while maintaining the highest standards of quality and fostering a sense of community. The app incorporates specific features to facilitate this unique learning experience.

OPIT holds full accreditation within the EQF (European Qualification Framework) and the MQF, making the degrees it confers legally recognized throughout Europe and professionally valued by employers. Although the accreditation process is currently pending, it is expected to be finalized soon.

The faculty at OPIT comprises a diverse team of international professors from countries such as Canada, the USA, Italy, Brazil, and others. These professors bring extensive teaching experience from renowned international universities like Santa Clara University and the University of Michigan. Additionally, they possess significant professional or research backgrounds, enabling them to deliver instruction grounded in robust theoretical foundations while effectively applying them to real-world challenges.

Main Features of OPIT 

  • Flexible & Online 

Embrace the freedom to participate in fast or regular track programs from anywhere worldwide. Whether you prefer a swift progression or a more relaxed pace, OPIT’s online platform allows you to learn at your convenience. With a comprehensive range of high-quality online-native live sessions and recorded content, you can access top-notch educational materials tailored for remote learning.

  • Focused

Immerse yourself in the world of computer science through their meticulously designed curriculum. As the demand for computer science professionals continues to soar, OPIT prioritizes delivering exceptional education in this field. Their dedicated faculty members, renowned for their international expertise, contribute extensive business knowledge to enhance your learning experience. Additionally, you can rely on the round-the-clock support system, available 365 days a year, ensuring you receive guidance whenever needed.

  • Built On Excellence

At OPIT, excellence forms the bedrock of its educational offerings. By enrolling with them, you gain access to a faculty composed of accomplished professionals from diverse backgrounds. Drawing upon their vast experience, they bring a global perspective to your learning journey. Furthermore, their commitment to excellence extends beyond regular business hours, as support services remain accessible around the clock. They are dedicated to empowering you throughout your academic pursuit.

  • Career-Aligned

OPIT’s courses go beyond theoretical knowledge, emphasizing practical skills that equip you for your future career. Hands-on learning experiences will give you the expertise required to thrive in your chosen profession. Their goal is to open up multiple avenues of success for you, enabling you to explore various career options upon completing our programs. By aligning curriculum with real-world demands, OPIT ensures you graduate with the necessary competencies to excel in your chosen field.

  • Credit Transfer Options

OPIT understands the value of your prior educational achievements and work experience. They evaluate and consider your previous studies and professional background to provide a fresh start. This credit transfer option acknowledges your hard work and allows you to build upon your existing foundation, accelerating your progress toward your academic goals. Recognizing your accomplishments creates a learning environment that appreciates your past successes and propels you toward future achievements.

  • Inclusive, For Top Achievers

OPIT’s programs are designed to be accessible to individuals who possess ambition, drive, and global perspectives. They believe that talent knows no boundaries and strive to eliminate barriers to education. Their inclusive approach ensures that the affordable programs empower you to pursue your educational aspirations without financial constraints. By fostering a diverse and supportive community, OPIT celebrates the achievements of high-performing individuals and nurture their potential for even greater success.

Bachelor in Modern Computer Science: Building a Strong Foundation

The Bachelor in Modern Computer Science offers a comprehensive curriculum that builds a strong foundation in the field during the 5 terms of the course. Students gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience through real-world projects and industry-relevant assignments. The program covers key areas such as computer architectures, programming principles, ICT Fundamentals, computer networks, and artificial intelligence.

A notable advantage of the program is credit transfer, allowing students to leverage their previous studies and work experience. This flexibility enables faster degree completion or exploration of advanced topics.

Graduates of the program are prepared for diverse career opportunities. They possess the skills and knowledge needed for software development, data analysis, cybersecurity, systems administration, and research roles. The program emphasizes Web development, programming paradigms, etc., making graduates adaptable and highly sought after by employers.

Master in Applied Data Science & AI: Harnessing the Power of Data and AI

The Master in Applied Data Science & AI is a postgraduate program focusing on harnessing data and AI’s power. It is highly relevant in today’s age of data-driven decision-making and AI-driven innovation.

The program’s first term covers foundational courses in Big data, Python in Programming, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and problem-solving. These courses provide essential knowledge and skills for students to understand the core concepts and techniques in the field.

In the second term, students apply these methodologies and tools to real-life business problems, emphasizing a hands-on approach. Collaborating with industry professionals, they gain practical experience in solving complex challenges using data science and AI techniques. There is a third term where the students will submit their master’s thesis. 


At OPIT, the focus is not only on theoretical concepts but also on imparting practical expertise. The institute strongly believes in bridging the gap between academia and industry demands. By aligning its curriculum with the needs of the industry, OPIT ensures that students are equipped with the latest and most relevant skills.  To know more about their programs, click here.

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