NTPC: Promoting Visionary Leadership in the Energy Sector through PGDM (Executive)

The energy scenario in India is changing rapidly due to fast industrialisation and massive growth of population. This can also be correlated to the income levels of the citizens and upscaling of lifestyle as per their choice. Given that the stature of India as a powerful nation and its development is dependent on industrial growth and expansion, the entire nation is looking forward for sustainable and environment friendly energy stability.

Understanding the role of human capital in different processes like generation, transmission, end-use and conservation in the stable and sustainable use of the energy, NTPC School of Business (NSB) introduced the 15-month PGDM(Executive) in 2015 itself. The program can be attended by candidates having inclination towards energy domain and having a minimum of five years of industry experience. The program was welcomed by different power sector industries like BHEL, Coal India, NHPC, NLC, Tata Power etc. These industries started to send their sponsored employees for the PGDM(E) course run by NSB. The fourth batch onwards i.e. since 2018, the premier management institute IIM-A also joined hands with NSB for academic support and knowledge sharing.

Now, the course curriculum for the programme is being designed by IIMA that is focussed to provide management learning directed to the energy needs in India and to enhance decision-making capabilities in the programme participants.

PGDM(E) Programme- What it Offers?

The PGDM executive programme at NSB consists of twelve-month classroom teaching and three months of project work. Given that most executives are interested in continuing their work

experience, they can pursue this project work from their workplace. Through this programme, NSB aims to build a unique perception of the current state of the energy sector and its future that is in the hands of the energy leaders of tomorrow.

One of the most discerning features of the programme are the case study based learning with live industry projects that are executed under expert guidance and separate experience sharing seminars that promote peer learning. The programme encourages collaborative learning through beyond classroom discussions which prepare the participants for situation analysis that is a collection of methods that every astute manager uses to analyze the internal and external environment of an organization. It is an approach that helps them understand the organization’s capabilities, business environment and its consumers. It offers an enriching combination of lectures, discussions, group projects, case studies, research live projects, simulation and management games.

The PGDM(E) programme comprises core and elective courses where they have been split into seven slots, with each slot being of six weeks. The electives can be chosen on the basis of personal interest and area of specialization of the students and faculties. All this deep learning becomes realistic under the guidance of the erudite faculty from IIMA and academic professionals at NSB who will provide the perfect combination of academic learning and crucial industry exposure.

PGDM(E) Programme- Who is it for?

The PGDM(E) programme is an integrated experience for working professionals who will become the visionary leaders for the energy sector. It is best suited for professionals who want to understand the recent developments of the ever-changing energy industry and want to work towards the betterment of energy resources. It involves the ideal skill-building curriculum for those seeking an intensive and invested approach to management. It provides the participants with an edge over their peers in the other industries and adds real value to their professional progress. 

PGDM(E) Programme- Why Choose it?

As compared to executive management programmes at other institutes, NSB gives the interested candidates the unique opportunity to concentrate on and specialise in managerial skills required for building a prolific career in the energy sector, preparing the candidates to ensure a sustainable future of an energized India. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Awareness, understanding and implementation of enactments related to the energy sector.
  • Enhancement of industry skills to counteract the challenges of developing and managing energy & allied sectors of the country.
  • Impactful theoretical and practical exposure to management principles and knowledge from professors of IIMA.
  • Valuable interaction with experienced professionals and dialogue with like-minded energy enthusiasts.
  • Rigorous coursework and impeccable learning experience which allows one to work while learning during project work.
  • A 2-week Global Immersion Programme which boosts the confidence and competency of students. It exposes the participants to cultural diversity and prepares them the best for the globalized interdependent business environment.

Take this incredible opportunity to build a remarkable career in the energy sector with NSB. Let’s pledge to energize India together.

Anoop Kumar