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NITIE lays great emphasis on the holistic development of students. The Institute provides a plethora of opportunities like industry interaction, cultural activities, sports competitions or entrepreneurial pursuits.

These Committees and Forums are the best platforms to showcase hidden talents or learn new ones. It helps in developing skills such as leadership, learning, learning how to work in groups and most importantly, you will get to know more about yourself and your capabilities.

Here is the list of different Committees & Forums that run actively in NITIE and a little about what do they do:

1.Alumni Committee
The NITIE Alumni Student Committee works to establish strong connections between students, alumni and other important stakeholders of the Institute. Each year the committee also organizes with SANSMARAN, the annual meeting of the association.

B-Gyan is an industry-institute interaction initiative at NITIE. It aims to create a perfect blend of the corporate world with the academic acumen of the students to create meaningful insights into the world of business.

3.Coordination Committee
As the name suggests it ensures perfect coordination among the different committees and the batch. It is also responsible for facilitating the functioning of various committees and forums, helping in their selection process, introducing or amending the rules to be followed by the batch and solving issues faced by them.

4.Cultural Committee
The cultural team are responsible for keeping the spirits alive on the campus by organizing various cultural activities round the year. Be it a celebration of almost every festival or frequent open-air jamming sessions we make sure that every event last in your memory for a lifetime.

5. E-Cell
E-Cell is an initiative by NITIE students to spread the “Business Enterprise Everywhere” wave. Through various events, E-Cell aims to bring the business culture to the Centre and provide support and support to aspiring entrepreneurs

6. Enactus
Enactus lays a platform where students get the opportunity to use their business skills to help society by creating employment opportunities for needy people and ensuring the upliftment of the society

7. International Relation Cells
IRC is the face of NITIE to the world outside India and is responsible for facilitating the exchange process for outgoing students and the hospitality of the incoming students.

8. IT Coordination Committee
The IT Committee acts as a bridge between the students and the Computer Centre. The committee continuously aids in the development of IT infrastructure in NITIE.

Team IMPACT is responsible for Admissions, Branding, Promotions and Grooming. Team IMPACT begins an interaction with aspirants through the admissions process and guides them at every step until their internship process. We are also responsible for branding and promotion of NITIE on various platforms.

Lakshya is a unique endeavor of students of NITIE which nurtures Industry-Institute to keep students updated with current requirements of the corporate world to prepare them to handle their future portfolios efficiently.

11. Marketing Interest Group
The Marketing Interest Group is a small initiative which aims at holistic development of knowledge through peer learning. Every year, this committee hosts a marketing event MAHAMANDI which gives students hands-on experience on marketing.

12. Media Relation Cells
MRC serves as the point of contact for more than a hundred media houses across the print, television, radio, magazine and web media. The Committee on regular basis publishes about various events, achievements and workshops being conducted by the Institute.

13. Personality Development Committee
Also Known as PDC, they are committed to helping the students of NITIE in all aspects of their personal growth. In pursuance of that goal, they conduct numerous events, workshops and activities that help the students of NITIE in honing as well as showcasing different aspects of their personality.

14. Placement Committee
NITIE’s Placement Committee is the student organization which looks into all activities related to placements and case studies. A group of highly motivated students, encouraged by Placement Dean, who work towards achieving the goal of obtaining the desired placement offers for the students in terms of both profiles and organizations to work with.

Samiksha is also called as the Industry Interaction Cell of NITIE. As the name suggests, Samiksha facilitates NITIE’s interaction with the corporate world by organizing case studies and panel discussions

16. Sports Committee
It is a student community club dedicated to the development of sports. SportsCom is responsible for all the facts/information about sports activities for the student community of NITIE Mumbai.

17. TDX
TDX, also known as Team Dramatix is a pool of some creative minds who create out of the box ideas to promote B-School events with its excellent teasers, posters and photography.

The 12 NITIE forums work collaboratively on areas of the community, social issues, personality development and leadership.

Arth is an active NITIE fund that started as an idea with similar interest and curiosity in the capital markets and has now become a common learning platform and
C2X, selected for Excellence, is the Operations Club of NITIE. It cares for students by keeping students informed of the latest developments in Supply Chain Management and Operations by organizing lectures, workshops and case study events.
The Govt.Project and Innovation Forum serves as a bridge that links students to government projects.
The NITIE student consultation club, known as NSC2, is dedicated to fostering consulting skills among student organizations at NITIE to build long-term relationships with consulting organizations.
NITIE Photography Club also records some of the most valuable moments of NITIE life that all NITIEzen can offer for the rest of their lives after their death.
The NPL is the organizing field of the NITIE Premier League. It hosts a cricket tournament that provides players with an opportunity to showcase their talent and showcase their challenge to team owners who want to be there.
The NSQC, known as the NITIE-Strategy and Quizzing Club aims to develop a culture of resistance and to make the institution more like Strategic Knowledge.
Project Management Club (PMC) works to make a better industry and academics connect to improve upon areas of project management
The Rotaract Club of NITIE is a civic, leadership and community service club, founded in 2000, under the care of the Rotary Club of Bombay, Powai. The Club works in partnership with Rotary International, the Rotaract District, other clubs and receives constant support and encouragement from members of the trustee.
SPIC MACAY is the forum which has a vision for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture among Youth.
SAY, Sustainability And You, you are NITIE’s Sustainability and Tess Management Team for NITIE. In the belief that “Knowledge is Power, and it grows by sharing”, SAY equates academia by keeping students informed of the latest Sustainability scenarios by planning more
$Treet is one of the most active on-campus forums and ads for students in a variety of related disciplines – whether Corporate Finance, Financial Risk Modeling, Commerce Banking, Investment Banking, Investment Management, or Venture Capital / Private Equity.

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