NEET Fraud Case
NEET Fraud Case

A case of impersonation in National level Entrance cum Eligibility (NEET) test has come to light and has been registered by Theni Medical College in Chennai. The complainant states that the current photo of a first-year MBBS student does not match with that of the photo submitted in the MBBS entrance application form.

Director of the Medical Education, Dr. Narayanababu said that a police complaint had been registered and the accused student has been suspended from the Theni Medical College, Chennai. He mentioned that the action was taken on the basis of a complaint that was received through email stating that there is a difference between one of the student’s present appearance (studying in Theni College, Chennai) and the photograph that has been posted along with the National level Entrance cum Eligibility Test application form.

However, an enquiry by the appointed in-house committee had found that there is room for suspicion and fraud of impersonation in the registered case. While speaking to the press, he said “the concerned officials have been ordered to thoroughly investigate about the case, and if the accused was found guilty and if it is proven that the person who is admitted and currently studying in the college is not the same person who wrote the entrance examination, then he will be debarred from the College/ University”. He mentioned that it has been a month now for the MBBS first-year curriculum and has shared all the relevant information with the police department.

National level Entrance cum Eligibility (NEET) is an entry-level test to assess the eligibility of the candidates to get admission for MBBS into various Medical colleges across India.

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