My internship experience at NABARD | NIBM

In the entire journey of two years of your PGDM program summer internship is the most crucial and extensive course work and when you are a fresher it becomes an epochal event. It allows you to get into the shoes of a professional and understand the nitty-gritty of the job. NIBM gave me the opportunity have a most memorable internship,

Getting into one of the regulatory bodies was an exciting experience as it adds value to your profile. Selection in NABARD includes a summer internship research proposal followed by an interview.

My project was on Warehouse receipt financing where NABARD is working aggressively and being a part of such a project was a mesmerising experience. The best part of being at Head office is that your reach is throughout the country. You get an opportunity to interact and learn through the different stakeholders of the organisation spread in pan India. For my on-field study, I went to Gujarat to understand and get the real picture of warehouse financing. It was a great learning experience there which has helped me to learn the art of people management. At last, I was able to identify the loopholes in the existing system and based on my study I was able to suggest some changes in the existing system to the top officials of NABARD.

Finally, In the end, I would like to say that the internship was a huge learning experience in an excellent working environment.

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Ankesh Suman

PGDM – (2018-20)