Campus Life at Praxis Business School

Praxis Business School has taken great care to create an environment that enables and encourages learning. The campus being set up is residential with comfortable, single-occupancy rooms and has various well-designed informal spaces, as we believe that learning takes place as much in informal areas and through non-classroom interaction among students as in formal class-rooms. The formal learning centers are state-of-the-art lecture-theatres powered with the latest audio-visual aids. The ecological and technological aspects have been emphasized by designing an eco-friendly; Wi-Fi enabled smart campus.

Introspective spaces are introvert spaces where reflective and self- research work is done such as library, research labs and self- study areas. Interactive spaces are spaces where the discourse of knowledge takes place among faculty and students through the process of interaction and meeting. Such spaces are the formal classrooms, lecture theatres or the informal plaza or court.

Representative spaces facilitate interface between the academia/students and the industry outside the campus. These spaces are in the form of conference rooms, display areas and open-air theatre. Best practices of educational facility design have been adopted to develop this organization principle into an efficient and beautiful campus.

It’s not the building that makes campus it’s the people who add value to it. The morning buzz and run for class in the early morning is what makes it more exciting. The evening cup of tea with friends and discussions filled with joy and laughter. Deadlines of projects or assignment being 11:59AM or sunrise time of the next day. Late night movies and cravings for food with friends or exam time tensions till 3 AM. All these things are those that make living in campus with friends makes it wholesome  

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-Anjali Solanki