My Experience of Volunteering for UN Event during my MBA held at JGBS

I volunteered for United Nations MGIEP (Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace) event held at OP Jindal Global University between 19th to 23rd August 2019. It was a global conference  with President of the country as the chief guest, Nobel Laureate Kailash Satyarthi as an attendee and musical performance by Grammy Award winner musician at the end of the conference.
The one-week conference started on 19th August 2019. I, based on my past performance interning at the university, was selected as a volunteer for the much valuable conference. I was in fact made the leader of the group of 7 volunteers who served the conference.
We began with hosting and managing the global attendees of the conference. They came from all parts of the world: Chile, Romania, US, UK, Scandinavia, Ireland, Philippines, Japan, Canada, Middle East, India, Liberia, Africa. Attendees included students, Professors, UN officials, social workers, NGO employees and partners. I got to attend all the international level workshops, lectures that were conducted as a part of the conference.
The final day of the conference was an event with President of India as the chief guest. It had notable attendees: Nobel Laureate, Politicians, Cabinet Secretary etc. I learned the security protocols to be followed while hosting VVIPs of the level of President of India at an event. It was exciting and professionally enriching at the same time. My understanding of event management of this scale was also enriched as a result.
The best upside is that I am still in touch with all the attendees (50+ in number) and many of them have extended invitation to me to come to their country and stay at their place and promised to take  me to sightseeing. Not a bad deal considering I volunteered for them for just a week and now I can do away with so many AirBnBs when I start my global travel. Interesting Right ?

– Pavas Pandey