MHT-CET 2016: Delays in CAP creates distrust amongst students

The MHT-CET Centralised Admission Process (CAP) 2016, has displayed ‘delay’ in every step of the admission process from allocation round 1 till date. Today, July 25, the Maharashtra Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) was expected to release the list of vacant seats for CAP Round 4. This, comes after a delay of four days, from the original scheduled release date of July 20. The list that was scheduled for display by 5pm today, hasn’t been released yet. An official from DTE has placed responsibility for this delay on faulty technical lines. He said that the document has been prepared but is taking too long to upload. The official refused to give further information or an estimated time for release. 

Students, however, are no longer surprised by this delay. Aditya Harnani from Mumbai says, “We were expecting the authorities to not meet their schedule this time as well. Luckily I have already secured admission in a college, hence am no longer frantic about the list not being released.” Students have been facing such delays since round 1 of allocation. Read here:

MHT-CET 2016: Delay in releasing CAP Round 1 list leaves students frantic

MHT-CET 2016: Round 4 vacant seats to be displayed tomorrow

Each time, the DTE was facing technical issues. Mahesh Babu, a student from Nashik, says, “Technical issues should no longer be an excuse. If the authorities know that the same problem has been occurring since round 1, they should have repaired the glitch by now.” Another student from Nashik expressed his displeasure, saying, “We have been asked to refill the option form to participate in round 4, but how do we fill the form without knowing which seats are vacant?” The DTE has displayed a notification PDF asking students to fill their options irrespective of whether the seats are vacant or not, as seats may become vacant if candidates forfeit their prior allocation in round 4. Thus, the display of a vacant seats list may sound moot in this respects.

Besides, students say that there is a slim chance that seats will be available for allocation later if they are not listed in the vacant seats document. Radha Awasthi, a student who secured admission in CoEP (College of Engineering Pune), says, “I was looking to get a better allocation in the fourth round, but if my choice of seats aren’t vacant in upcoming list, then I probably won’t fill a new option form.

The option form filling is starting from tomorrow, July 26, but with no intimation from DTE about expected time of the release of the vacant seats list, students are worried they may not have enough time to consider their options. Gautam Naik from Mumbai, says, “Once the list is published, we will have to calculate the number of vacant seats and the probability of being allotted a seat based on our MHT-CET rank. As this is the last round of allocation, any mistake in form filling due to shortage of time will cost us big.”