MHT-CET 2016: Delay in releasing CAP Round 1 list leaves students frantic

The Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Maharashtra had scheduled to release the Centralised Admission Process (CAP) Round 1 list today, June 28, by 10am. However, the website was down for almost an hour since then. This morning, the official website was flashing a notification stating that due to some technical error, the Round 1 results will be declared by 11am. As soon as it was 11am, the website was flooded with desperate students wanting to check their allocation result. However, despite repeated attempts to refresh the page, the DTE website was showing an error message. See image below. 

Aditya Harnani, a student from Mumbai, says, “Some of us tried to contact the colleges we applied to through CAP. We’ve also been checking the college websites for any list put up by them but, since DTE itself hasn’t released the list yet, colleges are also unable to give any information.”

The site is loading now. On the start up page, it first said that the provisional list will be announced today after 2pm, then it was updated to after 3pm, and now it says that the list will be released after 5pm. See image below. Students are still confused as to what is the exact time that they can expect the list to be released. A DTE official said that there is some technical issue due to which there has been a delay. They are trying to resolve the issue at the earliest. The list has been compiled and ready to upload. Students are asked to be patient.

Students can check the list on the official website by 5pm. Meanwhile, PaGaLGuY will keep you informed about any more updates regarding declaration of the list. For any queries or confusion, students can leave their questions in the comments section below and we will get back with an answer as soon as possible.


A DTE official confirmed that they are in the process of uploading the Round 1 list. Too much traffic on the website could also be a possible reason why the server is crashing occasionally. “In approximately half an hour, students should be able to see their allocation on the official website,” said the DTE official.