MBA + Many More!

” It is going to be a tough journey ahead, you would find it really hard to live in this modern world, in case if you are not making a living of your own..It is you who is going to decide your future.” Nevertheless, almost all of us have been part of these hearings at one or the other point in our life from various people. In fact these might act as motivators for the one’s who are really wary about their career and might also propel a profound thought in one’s mind to take these words seriously.

People who understand the livid imagination of these words,would love to work upon these thoughts and would like to pave the way for a stronger foundation. In today’s world we have a number of opportunities to be chosen, but what makes many to opt only for an MBA is what baffles me. The very first opinion one gives us,when asked about this would be to earn an awesome salary, this is very much true. As it thoroughly justifies the words suggested earlier, but what lacks here is the deep insight.

Ironically,earning doesn’t imply a placid and smooth life .it is only one of the means which aids life, there are innumerable other things which have to be taken care in accordance. Our society today has a number of people who are earning but what makes us actually lack when compared to our counterparts is not the specialization but the implementation of the learned so called ‘MBA.’ For the people out there, we really have a long way to go, to make the place we live in a better one. Hope this ignites the passion at least among the future aspirants to complement to our country’s progress… ?