MBA by Stanford & IIM alums

EduKart-JU Leadership MBA

Becoming just a Manager is a passe. Our corporate world is full of experienced managers but certainly deprived of the Leaders. A revolutionary change in the existing systems and management styles (Leadership styles, to be precise) is the need of the hour.

Bringing this change are the successful and experienced professionals from across the globe, IIMs and Ivy leagues. EduKart JU Leadership MBA program has made the task easier for most of the MBA aspirants as they bring together these professionals to culturally vibrant and economically prosperous city of Jaipur to create Leaders of tomorrow. The 2 year residential program focuses on the holistic personality development and Leadership education transforming the students into Leaders by world class faculty and the industry experts.

Your Mentors along The Journey

This program is not meant to make you just an MBA but it aims to transform you into a passionate leader who can bring about a change. Alumni from the IIM and Ivy League colleges such as Stanford University, Harvard University, London Business School and others will regularly visit the campus and share their experiences and perspectives on their businesses and industries with you. The two years in the Leadership MBA will prepare you to work at a global level, compete with the best in the world and become leaders early on in your career.

The Impact areas
Leadership development

The academic focus of this program would be on the core courses in Marketing, Operations, Finance, Human Resources and Organization Behavior as a part of the first year curriculum, the second year takes the leadership journey to the next level where individuals are transformed into Leaders. The activities during the program would highlight the thin line between being a Leader and a Manager as a leader is always a good manager.
Global Perspectives

Two foreign trips included in the two year program will open your mind to a global perspective, while one of the trips will focus on studying developed economies like Europe or the US, the second trip will focus on understanding emerging economies of the Middle East or South Asia. Various courses during the MBA program will introduce you to the different ways in which business is conducted around the world.
Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurship is not a career, it is a mindset. As you move in your career, your own entrepreneur mindset, personality and interpersonal skills will become most crucial. The Leadership MBA program has incorporated a host of opportunities to prepare the entrepreneur in you to take up such challenges.

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Campus Location: The Pink City!

The sprawling and stunningly constructed green campus of JECRC University is located in the city of Jaipur, the capital of the beautiful state of Rajasthan. The city which is just a 4 hour drive from New Delhi, the capital of India, has become an ideal destination for those who want to study in India and be part of the Indian growth story while receiving quality education.

The digitized JU Central Library

One of its kind, digitized library is the lifeline of the university. It is open for twelve hours in a day and helps students to research and study. A huge collection of reference works, text books and journals are available for the students to browse through as well as subscriptions to national and regional newspapers and magazines.
Residential Facilities

The housing facilities for the students are made in such a way that you will get to enjoy personal space as well as be able to mingle with others. A common living room equipped with a television set, free internet availability and a small pantry make it a complete space, ensuring existence in complete harmony. The campus encompasses a set of bricked buildings with facilities like air cooled class rooms, well equipped hi-tech labs and 24/7 wi-fi connectivity, Sports facilities and other co-curricular activities, helping to grow holistically.

Beyond Academics

The program also focuses on enhancing the personal attributes of an individual and intensive focus would be laid on building a holistic personality with activities like Golf Training, Dining and Dressing Etiquettes, Business Communication, Wine Appreciation training, Negotiation Training, Improvisation Theatre, Meditation and more. These activities are of utmost importance to help the students evolve and relies their true passions.

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