MBA admissions criteria in our country should be more wholesome – JGBS, Sonipat

Let’s hear it from Jindal Global Business School, Sonipat

The education system in our country has romanticized test results for quite some time now. Starting with Engineering exams, Management Exams, Law Exams and Government exams, results are everything we cared for till now. However, as much as there is an upside of exams in figuring out who is the most competitive person in a sample space of lakhs of candidates, there is a downside to it also when it comes to management education.

Managing an enterprise or a team isn’t always about being competitive. That’s what employees do. Managers must have more. Managers must be leaders in their field. A leader isn’t just competitive. He or She is inspiring, respectable, problem-solving, challenge seeking and so on. Most importantly, business leaders need to have an impeccable sense of timing. That’s what all business decisions are based on, and that’s the most important thing their results depend upon. Are exam results enough to ensure the person has all these ? No. Exams as we know them just ensure competitiveness and a certain type of time management skills that are relevant for the exam only and more often than not fail in real world scenarios.


What, instead, should we do then? We have been depending upon exams for our higher education admissions since independence. At least in the space of higher management education admissions, I can speak because I have researched them deeply at a global level and subjected myself to quite a few of them, succeeding in many and failing in some.

US and European MBA admissions consider the overall personality of the candidate. How they were in their high school, senior school, university undergrad and in work if they have work experience. What type of challenges have they had in their life till now and how they have dealt with them? – A leader’s attributes. They put a lot of emphasis on the Statement of Purpose which verifies the candidate’s life and career plan- signs of maturity of the candidate. Examination scores are more of qualifying in nature only compared to the way we have in India where a good exam score guarantees you admission in a top B-school.


It’s time we change the way we look at Management education in our country. Breeding leaders in management would take our country towards economic leadership of the world in a steady and decisive way. It’s time we change the way we look at higher management education admissions in our country.

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-Pavas Pandey

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